A farewell letter from an expat who calls Saudi Arabia his home

I am the son of an Indian expat who resides in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, now it’s time to leave the Kingdom and carry on my life in some other country. As I am counting my final days in the beautiful Kingdom, I want to share my emotions and want the people to know how I am feeling while leaving the beautiful Kingdom.

I am an Indian student who was born and brought up in the Kingdom. I was born here, spent my childhood playing in the streets of Jeddah, got educated in the Kingdom and used to proudly call Saudi Arabia my Home. All of a sudden, everything changed. Now it is the time for me to leave to carry on my further academic studies.

The Kingdom helped me to get immense knowledge about the world through academic studies, I got immense sets of skills, acquired the knowledge about Islam and got proficiency in the Arabic language.

5278 A farewell letter from an expat who calls Saudi Arabia his home

Being bought up in the Kingdom has allowed me to develop a good Arabic accent due to which I have beautiful recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Indeed I have learned all and everything from this land and its big-hearted people.

All the people of the Kingdom with whom I conversed whether they were young or old they were all amazing. Every conversation with them taught me something good. Undeniably I am going to miss these people, their simple, and beautiful culture.

Undoubtedly the provider of the sustenance is Allah Almighty who is the knower of our hearts and if in future He plans my sustenance in the Kingdom I will happily accept it. It brings tears in my eyes as I think about leaving the Kingdom. I do not have the words to thank all the Saudi citizens and this beautiful Kingdom.

I feel blessed that Allah selected this beautiful Kingdom for me to spend the majority of my life. This is a thanksgiving note for all the Saudi citizens I have met in the Kingdom. This is with love as the love of the Kingdom and its people will always stay it my heart. Thank you!

A loyal and proud resident of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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