A day as a resident at Al Nakhla Compound

Al Nakhla, which is the most beautiful society of Riyadh, helps the residents to live a life in a Western atmosphere. It has been developed in a way that people enjoy a home like experience while staying away from their homes.

Al Nakhla has been developed very sensibly so that its residents could enjoy a luxurious life inside their Residential resorts. The residential resort is developed according to the international standards and it has been made sure that all facilities are being provided inside so that the people do not need to go outside.

To know how life is at Al Nakhla Compound really seems like, we will give you a brief tour that how a day as a resident in Al Nakhla feels like:

  1. Waking up to the best scenery

Waking up at Al Nakhla is one of the greatest experiences one could have. Waking up at a room that is luxuriously furnished gives you a pleasant feel. You could look out from the spacious windows at the best sight as at Al Nakhla the greenery, poolside and great architectural buildings give beautiful contrast of colors.

Central Park 1

  1. Enjoy a great cup of coffee

One has to admit that the coffee served at Al Nakhla is remarkable. You could go to the poolside café and enjoy coffee with your friends. This would help you stay in touch with other ladies at Al Nakhla. You could also enjoy a coffee party with other ladies at the compound.


  1. Experience swimming like never before

At Nakhla, you don’t have 1 or 2 pools, there are 23 shaded pools. There is also a kid’s pool so that your little one could also enjoy while you dive into your pool. You and your little one can enjoy a swim undertrained and professional instructors.

DJI_0304 copy

  1. Enjoy a healthy salad

visit the café that is just along the poolside and enjoy a bowl of healthy yet one of the tastiest salads.

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  1. Have a great shopping experience

Visit the magnificent Al Nakhla plaza and enjoy good shopping time. You can find all the great international brands under one roof.

The grocery shopping experience is too good at the plaza, especially at the Danube supermarket. Also, you could enjoy a good food time as international food chains have franchises at Al Nakhla plaza!

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  1. Go for a Yoga class

The best way to meditate and relax is to go to a Yoga class. You could opt for a yoga class in the evening and enjoy the different yoga poses under the supervision of the highly trained instructors.

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  1. Head towards the Cinema

Family time is the best time. Go for a movie with your kids at the Cinema which is within Al Nakhla. The Cinema is equipped with comfortable seats, high definition screens and best kid movies collection.


  1. Enjoy food at Majdool Restaurant

You can’t miss the mouthwatering food provided at the Majdool restaurant at any cost. You can have the best food experience there with your family in the atmosphere that best suits you!

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Isn’t this life way too good? What are you thinking then? Book an apartment/villa for yourself and your family at Al Nakhla right away!

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