A cyclist was stopped from Entering to Masjid al Haram in Makkah

The security guards positioned at one of the several gates leading into the Grand Mosque in Makkah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, promptly spotted and stopped an unusual visitor who had been trying to enter to the Grand Mosque along with his bicycle.

This incident took place earlier this year and the picture of the bicycle owner, who is an Arab expatriate, and his beloved bicycle, soon went viral on several social media platforms not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but the entire world.[irp]

The Director of the Department of doors, Muhammad Bati, stated that it was clear and obvious that the Arab expatriate had no idea that bicycles are not allowed inside the grounds of the Grand Mosque.

The director stated that the man must be fearful that his bicycle will be stolen if he just leaves it outside and hence he must have wanted to take it with him inside the Haram of the Grand Mosque.

Director Bati further stated that the guards stationed at those doors which lead to the Masaa from the eastern section of the Grand Mosque calmly and politely explained to the unusual visitor that any and all bicycles were amongst a list of several items which had been banned from entering the Grand Mosque.

The director then added that the cyclist, who was trying to enter the Grand Mosque, immediately understood what he was being told by the security personnel at the gate and left immediately and peacefully.

There are several items that any individual cannot take into the Grand Mosque. Director Bati stated that those items which have been prohibited from being brought into the Grand Mosque or the Haram include, amongst others.

Any clothing or article of clothing which has any sort of indecent illustrations, utensils, accessories and heavy machinery. Things which are also found on the list of prohibited items include mattresses, sleeping accessories, suitcases, soft drinks, cameras, food and also mobile beds.

Every year the authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its authorities spend a lot of time, effort and money in order to keep the Holy Sites in the Kingdom, clean and accessible for not only the local Muslim population who wish to visit the Holy Sites, but also for the millions of Muslims located around the world, who make their way over to the Kingdom in order to perform the major pilgrimage, Hajj and also the minor pilgrimage Umrah.

Muslim Pilgrims may only perform the major pilgrimage in the month which has been allocated for it; however, the minor pilgrimage, Umrah, can be performed year round, except for the month of Hajj.

Thousands of Muslims residing in the city of Makkah offer their obligatory 5 daily prayers in the Grand Mosque too. As the Grand Mosque and any Mosque, in general, is a Holy site, it is understandable that the expatriate Arab cyclist was not allowed to take his cycle inside the Grand Mosque.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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