A corona patient infected 176 people in KSA – 7 died

Saudi Arabia has been implementing the precautionary measures with strictness to bid farewell to the infectious Virus. The Saudi Government has limited the number of social gatherings (Marriages) to 50: yet one shall only go if necessary.

In a recent talk, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al Aali, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health unfolded the story of a person who caused death of 7 and infected 176 people.

He carried the virus from the USA

The story unfolded by Al Aali was that of a person living in America. He was carrying the virus and went to a marriage ceremony where there were 54 other attendants.

He transmitted the virus to all the 54 people who transmitted the virus to others making the chain of 176 infected people. So a single person led to transmitting virus to 176 people! Out of these, 7 could not fight back the fatal virus and lost their lives.

The important thing here: we don’t know who is carrying a virus and thereby we shall be careful. Avoid social gatherings, avoid attending unnecessary meetings and gatherings avoid leaving home without a valid reason.

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