Car Accident brought together two brothers lost in childhood

Recently two real brothers met each other through a road accident. In case that incident had not happened, they would have remained unaware of their existence for ages.

A 36-year-old man from Madinah bumped his car into another car which resulted in the loss of another car; the driver came out of his car in furry and the quarrel began.

Later the police approached the place of the accident and ordered both parties to calm down and started an investigation. After analysis of legal documents of cars and personal IDs of both people policemen told them they are brothers in real.

This revelation was shocking for both men which led the elder brother to call his father in Madina and enquired about his brother who has just met him in a road accident.

The father was himself shocked to hear the whole story and confirmed that he has another son beside him. This revelation left the elder son with surprise and both brothers forgot about the accident for a while.

Father told his elder son that he had married twice but later divorced his second wife who has a son with him. The father was in regular contact with his son even after the divorce and he was now 29 years old.

After emotional moments, they left the broken cars and went to see their father together for the first time in life. 

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