A blind Indian expat survives 4 heart attacks and COVID19

The Indian expat, aged 59 named Mohandas has lost his vision and miraculously survived 4 heart attacks and COVID-19. 

He has been looking for ways to be repatriated from the UAE. The man is seeking help from the philanthropists to get about Dh 60,000 to settle his case.

Mohandas hope people could help him to regain his vision through surgeries that require Dh 90,000. 

5883 A blind Indian expat survives 4 heart attacks and COVID19 01

Hypertension and diabetes led to his lost vision

Mohandas is suffering from hypertension and diabetes too. The man suffered from hypertension that led to proliferative diabetic retinopathy and loss of vision.

Mohandas lost his job as a technical manager with an insurance broker company in 2011. He is unable to get proper treatment due to financial crises.

5883 A blind Indian expat survives 4 heart attacks and COVID19 02

Mohandas intention to start a restaurant was shattered

Mohandas sold his property and his wife’s gold to raise Dh 60,000 to start a restaurant but unfortunately, he did not encash the cheques because two of the cheques were left inside the apartment that was sealed to the rental dispute.

The remaining cheque worth Dh140,000 could not be encashed because he did not have a valid visa.

Mohandas firm belief in God

Mohandas said UAE has provided him good treatment and care that helped him to survive several times. At last, Mohandas thanked the Indian social workers Meena Kumari, Uma Shankari, and Senthil Kumar for supporting him.

He is now hoping for someone to help him in his treatment. He still hopes for some philanthropists to help him settle his rental case dispute and return to his country.

Source: Gulf News 

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