A 106-year Saudi man who pardons the reckless driver before his death

He forgave the driver at Fault: Some people work towards the betterment of humanity throughout their lives. One such person was Sheikh Ali al-Saleh. Sheikh Ali passed away at the age of 106 after getting caught up in a car accident.

When Sheikh Ali was being taken to the hospital he told his companions to forgive the other driver even although he was at fault. Even while dying, Sheikh Ali did a selfless deed. He was more worried about what would happen to the driver rather than himself.

His house was an open guesthouse: The death of Sheikh Ali was announced by the people in the Rijal Alma governorate and the news was further spread by the people on social media. Sheikh Ali’s son says that his father had always worked to honor the weak and help the needy.

His house, which was in the center of the governorate was always open to the people, no matter where they came from. The restaurant was also available and Sheikh Ali used to feed to passersby at his own house. For 80 years Sheikh Ali continued this act of kindness.

13 sons and 5 daughters: Sheikh Ali had 13 sons and 5 daughters. He was famous for his acts of kindness, generosity, and selflessness. He was even called Hatim Alma by people who knew him well, comparing him to the famous Arab poet Hatim al-Tai.

The death of Sheikh Ali Al-Saleh is a great loss for humanity. People like him preach the true religion of Islam through their acts of virtue. Many important people said some words about Sheikh Ali.

Don’t ask for the Blood Money: Author Ali Meghawi says that the accident became the cause of his death and that time he had nothing to give but himself so on his way to the hospital he told his companions not to demand anything from the people who caused the accident.

Ali Meghawi was impressed by Sheikh Ali’s generosity. Poet Ibrahim Taleaa Al-Almi says that Sheikh Ali Al-Saleh was the symbol of morals and values and the spirit of the land and place and today he is no longer with us.

The funeral of Sheikh Ali al-Saleh

Sheikh Ali Al-Saleh is a great Inspiration: People like Sheikh Ali Al-Saleh are a great inspiration, may Allah grant him a high rank in Jannah. Ameen. We can also achieve a great lesson from this news that is we should always try our best to help the needy and forgive others even if it is their fault.

No doubt to say that Sheikh Ali al Saleh was a great man who spent his life helping others and gaining reward from the Almighty Allah. This world truly need people like al-Saleh to make it a better place for living.

Source: Al Arabiya

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