99% of our Cinemas will look like London and New York Cinemas – Chairman GEA

The news that cinemas would be returning to Saudi Arabia broke when the chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment (GEA) himself disclosed it. Since then people have come up with different opinions, some appreciated it while some are afraid of cinemas.

Some showed excitement and told that they can’t wait to get in lines to grab their tickets and watch a movie in cinemas of Saudi Arabia. While there were some who criticized the cinemas. But cinemas would be opening soon in Saudi Arabia, yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard it right.

Either you oppose them or support them, cinemas would be opening soon near your homes. The Saudi news channel, Al Arabiya, broke the news through their tweet. On September 28, 2017, the channel tweeted and asked that if people of Saudi Arabia are ready for cinemas?

Cinemas are not new to the Kingdom, if you read the above statements carefully you will realize that cinemas are returning to Saudi Arabia. Yes, the country once had cinemas. Until 1970s people of Saudi Arabia would go out for watching a movie at cinemas.

But then the clerical system established and they forced cinemas in Saudi Arabia to be closed. Since then, people of Saudi Arabia have not seen cinemas in the Kingdom. As we know that women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, people are expecting cinemas to open soon.

Do you want to know the reason? Well, cinemas are in great demand by Saudis. They go all the way abroad to view amusement parks and cinemas. They spend a lot of money there for sake of enjoyment. If Saudis want them, they shall have them in the Kingdom. This way we can cut up to a quarter of $20 billion that Saudis spend for vacationing abroad.

According to Ahmed Al-Khatib, who is GEA’s chairman, most Saudis aged less than 30 want such changes. So those who criticize it shall learn that cinemas and other reforms are being demanded by our youth. He told this while giving an interview in April 2017.

Vision 2030, announced by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz aims at modifying the economic system and culture of Saudi Arabia. These changes would help up creating job opportunities for Saudis and would help them in everyday life.

The biggest news relating the cinemas in Saudi Arabia is that these cinemas would match the standards of cinemas of London and New York.  According to chairman GEA, the Saudi cinemas would have a look like cinemas of London and New York up to 99%.

He said that there are people who oppose it, but then 80% of the Saudi population is a moderate one, the rest are either liberals or extremist. He added that those who oppose the cinemas shall not visit them and shall not care about any event taking place there.

Source: Gulf News


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