95% of AIDS infected Saudi Women, got it from their husbands

It was proven through tests that nearly 95% of the women who were diagnosed with AIDS have gotten it from their husbands through sex.

According to the health ministry, AIDS is transferred through unprotected sex. Apart from that, the disease can be transferred through toothbrushes, razors, tattoo tools, etc.

Saudi Arabia remains a low-HIVprevalence country, with approximately 1.5 newly detected HIV infections per 100,000 per year among Saudi nationals, and 1.2 per 10,000 among non-Saudis.

Why AIDS is increasing in Saudi Arabia?

Within the GCC states, the reason for the increase in HIV cases is somehow linked to the increasing foreign travel, important social transformations in major cities, rising use of drugs through injecting oneself with syringes.

The Kingdom is trying its very best to help these people and mainly women b giving out lectures for their protection and early diagnosis. 

Source: Saudi Gazette

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