SCE catches 900 expat engineers with fake degrees

Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) has confiscated the engineering degrees of 700 fake technicians and 200 engineers in different specialties, who were caught.

Every engineer and technician is required to register with the SCE. The council checks the authenticity of the degree or diploma and then the applicant is granted membership.

The council, so far, has been able to confiscate 2,062 fake certificates since it has been set up. Such diplomas were either fake or were issued by unaccredited institutions.

Many times visa agents back in their home countries produce this kind of diploma to get through the process of visa attestation.

The council has clearly mentioned that if anyone caught practicing the engineering profession while holding a fake degree shall be subject to a fine worth SR 1 million and shall be banned from practicing the profession in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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