90% of honey available in the Saudi market is fake

A Saudi trader has claimed that a large quantity of honey available in the market is fake. Muqbal Al Qala, a honey trader in Saudi Arabia have made some claims during his interview with the Sabq website.

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According to him, 90 percent of the honey present in the market is fake. Secondly, he has also claimed that the traders buy substandard honey at a very cheap price and sell it at high prices.

Additionally, he also said that the honey available in the market is not worth 30 SR per kg but it is sold at very high prices. The honey present in the market is imported and sold at very high rates.

Furthermore, he also said that the price of local and original honey in the Kingdom is SR 300 to 400 per kg and the reason for its high rates is its shortage and availability issues.

It is rare and difficult to find original honey everywhere. The traders have to travel more than 50 kilometers from the city to the countryside to look for original local honey.

At last, he also said that the best place to get original and local honey is Saudi Arabia’s city Al Majma’ah. In this city original and quality honey is found.

Source: Urdu News

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