90% of beggars arrested in Saudi Arabia are Pakistanis

During the Senate’s standing committee for overseas Pakistanis, Rana Mahmoodul Hassan Kakar revealed that among all the beggars arrested in Saudi Arabia, 90% are Pakistanis.

According to the Secretary Overseas Pakistanis Zeeshan Khanzada, these beggars travel on Umrah visa and then start begging in Saudi Arabia. Some beggars take Iraq visa and go there for pilgrimage.

He also added that most of the pickpockets arrested in Masjid al-Haram, Makkah are also Pakistani nationals.

Now, the ambassadors of Iraq and Saudi Arabia are complaining as their prisons are flooded with Pakistani beggars.

Situation in Pakistani areas

In case you visit any area which is predominantly inhabited by Pakistanis such as Aziziyah in Jeddah, these beggars follow you from the time you take something from shops until you leave in your car.

I do not want to be rude but sometimes they are too annoying that they keep on insisting for money even if you softly refuse them.

My tailor who works in Azizyah, Jeddah told me that Pakistani beggars  come on Umrah visa and make around SR 6,000/month i.e. SR 18,000 during their tenure of Umrah visa.

Source: Geo News

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