9 situations you can avoid by Removing WhatsApp Blue Ticks

1-“Why did you not reply to my message?” she asked. “Baby I didn’t read your message, I was sleeping!” he said. She replied, “Don’t you dare lie to me!!!! There were blue double ticks in below my message, you read it and didn’t reply. It’s over!”

2-‘‘are you awake?’’ as a very common question from the owlish girlfriends or boyfriends who do not have to go to work in the morning. Ok even if I am awake I might not be in the mood to talk to you. Get a life!! It’s freaking 3 AM in the morning. People either sleep now or watch movies.

3-If you are sitting with your friends and suddenly a message from your wife pops ups, even if you had the bad sense to read it, she will not know anymore (Phew). Enjoy for a while, grab a beer and talk your heart out. Be sure to curse the overprotective wives!!

4-Finally, your recent crush had the good sense of text you. It does not mean that he has to know that you are head over heels with him. Show some attitude girl and just disable this dirty feature. I know you are jumping up and down but he does not have to know this!!!

5-Oh, heck!!!! Was Viber’s ‘seen’ feature not enough that they had to invent one for WhatsApp as well? Guys, now you can relax!!! Finally, Mark Zuckerberg, the new owner of WhatsApp, or whoever that is, has got enough sense to update it with an option to disable this fetal feature! Now you can come out of tight spots with flying colors!!!

6-Now if you owe somebody money and you do not want to return it in near or far future then you can just disable this option and behold!! The poor person will not hold you accountable to read and not replying to his message! Please do not ignore him for long; money isn’t more precious than your legs which might be broken by those henchmen sent by that person! (Smirk)

7-If a geek is bamboozled by your looks and finds every opportunity to profess is love for you, just disable this feature. It’s his problem that he lost his bookish heart, none of your concern! Even I don’t like geeks and their stalking!

8-The persistent and pesky fly type of people can be easily avoided with this thankful feature. They do not understand the meaning of ‘give me some time’. Message all you want a buddy I am so ignoring you!

9-Did a stupid mistake and got caught? Well, you should have updated your WhatsApp. You should not travel in two boats at the same time. Look where it got you. Don’t ever tell your ex about your present girlfriend, especially when they are friends. Now it’s going to be a scene from Mean Girls and you have to endure it. Good luck!

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