10 sentences about Masjid e Nabawi

There is one place on earth that comes close to the statement “Heaven on earth” and that place is none other than Masjid al Nabawi. Muslims all over the world do their best to have a glimpse of it in life.

It is a place that every Muslim is aware of but there are some interesting facts that even Muslims living there don’t know.

1-The first-ever place on Arabian Peninsula to have electricity

When electricity was first introduced to Arabian Peninsula, this mosque was the first place to be lit up.

As the records say that even the Sultan of Istanbul himself had full access to electricity after many years for his palace. In an earlier post, we have also covered the story of a 112 Years Old Bulb in Masjid al Nabawi.

2-The present mosque is larger than the old city

As they say that the present mosque is at least 100 times bigger than the old Masjid. It means that the present mosque is basically covering the whole old city. 

This is said because in the old days Jannat-Ul-Baqi was based on the outskirts of the city whereas now it is in the mosque. This also makes one wonder how small the old city was?

We also read in the history of Islam that the mount of Uhud was situated outside Madina and the Battle of Uhud was fought out of Madina. However, now it is on the 2 minutes drive from Masjid al Nabawi.

3-An empty grave in the Prophet’s room

It is a belief of many that there is an empty space next to the grave of Prophet (PBUH), Abu Bakr R.A and Umar R.A. Some say that it is for Isa when he returns but there is no confirmation.

Once, Sheikh Aeed had the opportunity to enter the Roda Rasool S.A.W. We have already elaborated in an earlier post what he saw inside the Roda Rasool S.A.W

4-Destroyed by Fire

Centuries after Prophet Muhammad ﷺ died, there was an extensive fire that broke out. It was so bad that many of the mosques including the mimbar of Prophet (PBUH) were destroyed.

The fire did damage the walls and roof of the Prophet’s room that the whole thing fell apart and it revealed the resting place for the first time in 600 years.

5-There are two domes

For more than 600 years there was no dome over Prophet’s ﷺ grave and now there are two. The first one was made of wood which was built by Mamluk Sultan.

There is also an inner dome that has the name of Prophet Mohammad ﷺ, Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه, and Umar رضي الله عنه inscribed on the inside.

6-Purple Dome

The dome has gone through many color changes. There was a time when it was white and then it was changed to Purple-blue, the Hijaz was very fond of the Purple color. The current form that it is in was finalized 150 years ago.

7-Three Mehrabs

Usually you will see mosques with only one mihrab but Masjid e Nabwi has three. The one which is used now was used by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to lead prayers.

8-Items from the room of Fatima رضي الله عنه

There were many priceless items in the room of Fatima R.A that were moved by the Ottoman commander to Istanbul during the First World War. They can now be seen at Topkapi Palace.

10-Full of Signs

The mosque is full of secret signs; each corner carries a significant value. It also indicates the location of the event that was historically carried out. It also holds spiritual value.

In an earlier post, we have covered 8 Most Important Pillars of Masjid-al-Nabawi and their Historical Importance. These signs have been omitted from the pillars so it is an important read for you.

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