9 Tips to Survive in Heavy Rain of Saudi Arabia

All of us know that it does not rain too frequently in Saudi Arabia, but whenever it does, it rains heavily. Whenever we talk about the heavy rains in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah Flood of 2009 comes to our mind.

It was a real disaster and showed many loopholes in the system. Later on, the government took serious actions and improved the infrastructure but still there are many problems unresolved. Today, I will try to give some tips to survive in heavy rains of Saudi Arabia.[irp]

1-Keep an eye on Weather Forecast: It is very important to know about the disaster beforehand to avoid it. All of us should have a close eye on the weather forecast. But why do I need to check weather forecast when it rains only once or twice a year?

Yeah, you are right. Normally, whenever there is an expectancy of rain in major cities of Saudi Arabia, it is communicated by the municipality through different media channels. Don’t ignore them.

2-Stay Inside: Stay inside does not mean you don’t have to go to the office. If it is not raining until the time you normally leave the office, go to the office. If you are in the middle and it has started raining, there is no need to come back.

Try to reach your office and park your car at a place which is a little higher from other places.  If it has started raining while you are still at home, don’t leave for office and wait for rain to stop.

3-Don’t drive while it is raining: This is the mistake repeated by most of the people living in Saudi Arabia. As soon as it starts raining, they leave their offices and try to reach home as soon as possible. If you are in office and it has started raining heavily, don’t leave your place.

Keep in mind, there is no sewerage system in most of the areas of Saudi Arabia. If it is raining heavily, underpasses will be full of water. You are risking your life by leaving your place during rain.

4-Don’t send your children to School: Normally schools declare an off day based upon weather forecast. If this is not the case, don’t send your children to school.

5-The Perfect Time to reach home: As I have suggested earlier, you should not leave your place until there is no more rain. If it has stopped raining, wait for a while as it may start again. Keep in mind; it is better to reach your home late than facing problems due to heavy rain.

6-Which way to choose? This is the most important point in the whole article. It is better to choose wider roads and the roads which are a little higher than the level of the city. These roads will be more crowded but you will not find too much water there.

Moreover, you also need to consider underpasses. Make sure that the route you have chosen does not have an underpass.

7-Drive Slowly: You will find wet roads after heavy rainfall. Wet roads decrease the grip of the vehicle from the road and your brakes will not work in that effective manner as they work on dry roads. Moreover, if you are pushing brakes intensely, there are more chances of the vehicle being slipped.

8-Don’t touch or pass through electric polls: If you are walking on roads, please stay away from electric poles. During rain, it can be life-threatening.

9-Pray for your Safety: Last but not the least, pray for your safety. No one can protect you but Allah. Don’t forget to pray before you start your journey.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.