9 things you can ask free of cost in an Airplane

Travelling on the plane is costly. One has to pay a lot to get a plane ticket. Yet there are some perks that come free of cost while you travel on the plane. There are definitely things that airlines can offer which are totally free of cost!

So here are those 9 things that you can enjoy while your next flight which shall not cost you a penny!

1-The full can of soda: Most of the attendants tend to give out Coke poured into a glass. The coke is filled with ice, mostly. You have all the right to ask your attendant about the rest of the can.

Mostly the attendants won’t get offended and would fetch you the can of soda! In some cases, if the airline is running low on their beverage stock, the attendant would offer you a refill shortly. However, it’s a treat worth having it!

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2-A sanitizing wipe: Health is wealth! You don’t want to fall sick as soon as you reach your destination! There are germs everywhere. In fact, the person sitting by maybe having flu or so!

Always ask your attendant to give you out the sanitizing wipes. Use them on your armrest, tray table and set aside few for your rest of the journey! 

3-A babysitting break: Travelling alone with babies is tough. One is worried that who will look after the baby if he/she has to go to the washroom.

However, worry not: you can always ask the attendant to look after the baby while you go to the washroom. Most attendants would love to babysit the adorable baby! So enjoy a babysitting break as you travel in an airplane!

4-A cockpit tour: Travelled on a plane yet not visited the cockpit does not sound fair! You can always have a tour of the cockpit without any charge!

But the most important thing is timing. Never go towards the cockpit during the flight. It is wise to ask for a cockpit tour after the flight when the pilots are free. 

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5-Hot chocolate: Not in a mood of having a cup of tea or coffee! Yet you want to have a cozy cup of drink. Well, some airlines do offer hot cocoa to their passengers!

You can always grab a hot cup of chocolate while you travel and that too of free of cost! A great treat for you or your child, isn’t it?

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6-First-aid items: All the airlines are equipped with basic and necessary first aid items. If you have a headache you can always ask for pain relief tablets or can ask for a Band-Aid for your child who got a blister! 

7-Wing pin for kids: Kids to get bored during traveling: They literally have nothing to do except sitting quietly which is not at all easy for them. One way to make your child feel happy is to ask for a wing pin for your child.

The flight attendant might fetch out an airline logo pin which shall be a suitable gift for your bored child. Also, he would be pleased to show his friends the pin he got while he was on the plane!

8-Extra snacks: Surely traveling makes one hungry! You can always ask your attendant for an extra snack.

The attendants are kind enough to give you out the snacks that have been left after everyone has been served! Enjoy the extra snacks and that too without a cost!

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9-Bottles of water: Not everyone is satisfied with the airline’s tap water. People also do not like to fetch a glass of water for themselves. Well, worry not, most airlines are equipped with small water bottles which they can give you out when demanded.

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