9 etiquettes taught in the Surah Hujurat

Surah Hujurat is a short Surah comprising only 18 verses, but it has many things to learn for Muslims, such as wala tajassasu. It tends to teach the Muslims some basic ethics that are required to lead a stable social life.

Fa Tabayyanu (Verification)

O believers, if an evildoer brings you any news, verify it so you do not harm people unknowingly, becoming regretful for what you have done. – Al-Hujurat 49:6

Fa Aslihu (make peace)

And if two groups of believers fight each other, then make peace between them. – Al-Hujurat 49:9

Wa Aqsitu (act justly)

If one of them transgresses against the other, then fight against the transgressing group until they ˹are willing to submit to the rule of Allah. If they do so, then make peace between both groups in all fairness and act justly. Indeed Allah loves those who uphold justice. – Al-Hujurat 49:9

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La Yaskhar (do not ridicule)

Do not let some men ridicule others; they may be better than them, nor let some women ridicule other women; they may be better than them. – Al-Hujurat 49:11

Wa La Tanabazu (no offensive names)

Do not insult one another, nor call each other by offensive nicknames. – Al-Hujurat 49:11

Wa La Talamizu (do not insult)

Do not insult one another, nor call each other by offensive nicknames. – Al-Hujurat 49:11

Ijtanibu Kaseeran mina Zan (avoid suspicions)

O  believers! Avoid many suspicions, for indeed, some suspicions are sinful. – Al-Hujurat 49:12

In verse 6 of Surah Hujurat, Allah instructs Muslims to be Fa Tabayyanu, which means verifying the information before relying upon it. In verse 12 of Surah Hujurat, Allah asks Muslims to believe in the information received from reliable sources. The critical difference is the reliability of the person bringing the information.

Wala Tajassasu (do not spy)

Wala Tajassasu means do not spy. – Al-Hujurat 49:12

Allah is instructing Muslims Wala Tajassasu, which means they should not spy on fellow Muslims. Intruding into someone’s privacy is a social crime.

However, Wala Tajassasu does not apply to a non-Muslim as spying on an enemy is a war tactic, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Wa La Yagtab (do not backbite)

Do not backbite one another. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of their dead brother? – Al-Hujurat 49:12

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