7 Rules to follow while Celebrating Saudi National Day on your Car

The National Day of Saudi Arabia is upon us, and like everything else, the Saudi community seems to be determined not be behind any other country in their celebrations. The traffic police and traffic authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have issued guidelines in regard for the decorations on your vehicle which will be allowed to be done on the Saudi National Day celebrations.

The authorities have urged all of the motorists to conform to the decoration guidelines for cars as well as traffic laws of the roads. They have also urged all to behave positively while celebrating the National Day of Saudi Arabia.[irp]

The traffic authorities are also planning a special traffic plan to allow celebrations to continue without affecting the flow of traffic. It is also expected that under the special plan, monitoring of all major roads and venues for the celebration will increase significantly.

Furthermore, all adjacent or leading roads to these busy roads or venues will also be kept under surveillance in order to ensure that there are no traffic violations being done in the midst of all the celebration. There will also be traffic patrols and checkpoints set up on roads leading up to the venues to ensure that all traffic law violators will be dealt with and will be held legally responsible for their violation.

1-Motorists in the Kingdom will not be allowed to change the original color of their vehicle

2-They are not allowed to put up obscene or inappropriate phrases or words on the exterior of the car

3-Motorists have also been prohibited from carrying more people than their vehicle is allowed to carry according to the law

4-Warnings have also been issued to all motorists and occupants of vehicles to not stick any part of their body out of the vehicle i.e. no sitting on the car window.


5-Motorists will also not be allowed to put any flags on their car, cover the windscreen or front doors with any sort of spray or tint and they can also not stop their vehicles just anywhere in the middle of the road.

6-A warning has been issued to all of the motorists to not disrupt, slow or stop the flow of traffic by parking their cars in taxi stations, bus stops, internal roads or main roads.

7-The installation of any part to increase the noise from the vehicle or to make any alteration to the engine has also been banned.

The authorities have urged all of the members of the community to support the efforts made by them to ensure that the celebrations on the Saudi National day do not disrupt the flow of traffic so that people don’t get stranded on the streets for long periods of time.

A strong emphasis has also been placed on refraining from negative behavior to keep the celebratory spirit alive and to ensure that everybody has a good time in celebrating the national day of a country that they are all proud to be a part of.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.