9 Real Life problems faced by Girls in Saudi Arabia

Every region has its own limitations and entertainment zones. Saudi Arabia is full of adventures yet several problems have to be faced by girls. Some common problems which girls face in Saudi Arabia are;

01-Facing the creepy creatures: The biggest problem is to face creepy, low standard comments by wandering stalkers in streets.

These guys have a lot of time to observe walking girls and consider it a religious obligation to tell them that how they look. They stalk, they comment, still, they think their duty is not over and even try to follow girls.

02-Lack of online shopping facility: There is no facility for online free shipping for items bought from online stores. In case one does so, it gets so expensive and out of range.

We have provided a list of best online shopping websites in Saudi Arabia in our earlier post.

03-The compulsion of Abaya: They have to follow the rule to be cloaked from head to toe anyway or in any condition.

No matter how high the temperature is or what kind of circumstances are going on in the surrounding, there is no exception in Abaya compulsion.

04-No Beaches: There is no beach activity available at Saudi Arabia for girls. Jeddah has the one but it is such a humid and untidy that girls better avoid getting entertained there.

So, Saudi girls feel a bit happy because Jeddah ones have no beach as well. Otherwise, it is a big issue!!

05-To keep hair, cover all the time: In case a male member enters a female event or hall during a wedding or family function, girls have to run here and there to put their hijab.

Simply they can’t afford to get their hairs down all the time. Who knows when any non-mahram may interrupt their privacy?

06-Loads of marriage proposals: Girls who are unfortunately doing well in their lives grab the attention of marriage hunters. They publish a book; the result is a wedding proposal.

They pass their graduate; the outcome is wedding proposal. Any achievement in the life of an unmarried Saudi girl leads her towards a new marriage proposal.

07-To look artificial every time: Any woman meeting a Saudi girl can become her future mother in law. So, she needs to put loads of makeup every time to look somehow glamorous and stunning.

08-Multi-tasking in shortest time span: Saudi girls are world’s fastest robots to manage loads of tasks, several weddings, numerous events and their finals in the shortest time span. Managing 4 events in just 48 hours is a quite normal practice.

09-Trying to serve everyone even being dressed like a bridle: Saudi girls are considered as the genie in a bottle who can manage any kind of filthy and hard task. They are attending an event and waiters are serving everywhere.

Still, they have to serve everyone on their own. No matter how high heels they have put on or how heavy jewelry they are wearing. 

These all problems faced by Saudi girls are not just limited to them. With few additions and deletions, all Saudi girls have to face all such issue at large.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.