9 natural ways to improve your digestion

Disturbed digestion may lead to Chronic Illness: If your digestion is disturbed, you may have a headache, discomfort, heartburn, bloating, constipation and many other problems to make it difficult for you. Besides this, there can be food poisoning, food allergies, asthma, weight gain, and eczema.

If digestion is not improved or you did not pay attention to it for a long time, it might lead to chronic illnesses. Following are a few natural ways to improve your digestion:

1-Spare your liver: Avoid alcohol which is like poison to your liver. Besides avoiding damage to the liver, improve your liver functioning and try to take in liver loving foods. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, and beetroot are kind to your liver. Fresh juices also make your liver stronger and healthier.

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2-Chew properly: Digestion begins in your mouth. The moment your food enters the mouth; you need to chew it into smaller pieces for easy digestion so that the stomach acids can act well. Chewing properly means improving the first step of digestion, this ultimately helps in later stages.

3-Handle stress: Tension and Stress can not only affect your brain but can also mess up your digestion.

Stress is the major cause of few diseases related to your gut. Relax, do yoga, meditation, listen to soft music and give yourself time to avoid messing up with your systems.

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4-Improve water intake: People with digestion issues are usually dehydrated mostly due to diarrhea. If not paid attention to, it affects other systems as well. Increase your water intake in summers especially. Otherwise, dehydration also adds to constipation.

Coconut juice, fruit juices or lime water will help you stay hydrated. Ginger or peppermint or herbal teas also helps to stay hydrated and benefits in other ways as well.

5-Detox: Make a habit of taking detox water during the day. Add lemons, cucumber, ginger, and mint leaves in your water and have it! It is not only refreshing but also resets your gut and improves digestion.

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6-Listen what your body needs: Search on the internet, read about good and bad foods, and analyze your body as to what suits you and what not. Alter your diet plans accordingly.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Opt for healthy choices because everybody’s body is different. It is not necessary that all foods which suit others would suit you.

7-Eat fermented foods: Fermented foods like fruits and vegetables are cultured and basically they have a good amount of healthy bacteria which will replenish your gut flora.

Few bacteria in your gut help you to digest. In case of severe digestion issues, be cautious. Give it time and go slow.

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8-Incorporate glutamine: Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients in your body which heals your gut and calms the inflammation. It helps in repair and regeneration. You can incorporate glutamine in your diet via eggs, fish, dairy items, fresh juices, parsley, and spinach.

Avoid supplements because there are additives and other chemicals which instead of benefiting you may give harm.

9-Probiotics: Probiotics are healthy for you for your gut. You can take in the form of yogurt.

Source: Times of India

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