9 Natural Ways to get rid of Dark Circles under your Eyes

Dark circles are basically discoloration of skin under eyes. It makes an individual appear sick, exhausted, older and tired. Following may be the causes of dark circles;

  • Genetics
  • Dryness of skin
  • Age
  • Allergies
  • Mental and physical stress
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Insufficient sleep

1-COLD WATER: Coldwater reduces eye puffiness and dark circles by constricting the under-eye blood vessels. A clean washcloth can be soaked in cold water or cold milk or wrapped around ice cubes and applied on the area for few minutes.

Chilled tea bag, chilled spoon or frozen peas bag can also be used for this purpose 4 times a day.

2-CUCUMBER: Thick slices of cucumber can be refrigerated and placed under the eyes for 10 minutes. It has a skin tightening effect. It soothes and refreshes the skin.

A mixture of cucumber juice and lemon can also be applied with a cotton ball for 15mins. Wash the area with water. Use at least once a week.

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3-POTATO: Grate raw chilled potato and use its juice over the affected area with a cotton ball. It reduces dark circles and eye puffiness. A chilled potato slice can also be kept on the affected area.

4-APPLE: Vitamin B, C, potassium and tannic acid in apple nourish the under eye area. Use thick chilled apple slices under the eyes or make a paste with boiled green apple and apply it under the eyes for 30mins.

5-LEMON JUICE: Fresh lemon juice over the affected area or mixture of lemon juice with gram flour, turmeric powder, and tomato puree may help lighten the dark circles.

6-Get the right amount of sleep. Lack of rest and sleep also results in tired eyes and dark circles.

7-Makeup: Remove all your makeup before going to bed

8-Allergies: In the case of allergies, visit a doctor. Get over the counter products or prescription drugs to cure dark circles.

9-People with blocked nose also have dark circles. Mix one-fourth teaspoon of salt in 2cups of water and put it in one nostril while tilting your head so that the solution comes out from the other costrel. This reduces congestion.[irp]


ORIGINS REFRESHING EYE CREAM: It is a morning eye cream which instantly reduces eye puffiness and dark circles. It consists of ingredients such as caffeine, skin brightener, Panax ginseng, and magnolia extract which serves to nourish and refresh the skin.

2660 9 Natural Ways to get rid of Dark Circles under your Eyes 02

GLAM GLOW BRIGHTMUD EYE TREATMENT: The components in this compound absorb toxins, reduce fine lines and dark circles, and provide nutrients and minerals to the sensitive skin resulting in beautiful fresh eyes.

DIOR HYDRA LIFE BB EYE CREAM: This product with SPF 20 soothes and conceals the dark circles around eyes and is also good for dry skin. It reduces skin stress and fatigue.

CAUDALIE PREMIER EYE CREAM: With anti-aging properties, this product tightens and firms the skin producing bright light under eye area.

SHISEIDO BENEFIANCE WRINKLE RESIST24 EYE CONTOUR CREAM: This is also an anti-aging cream for reducing wrinkles under the eyes, fine lines and creases at the inner eye corner and crow’s feet.

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