9 months old infant’s hand paralyzed due to the wrong injection in a Saudi Hospital

Role of Doctors: Doctors and hospital are considered very important to a society. Human beings are prone to diseases; it is the doctors who ensure recovery. They use their expertise, knowledge, and skills to prevent and treat humans from diseases.

They are to serve the society by enhancing human health. However, there have been incidents where doctors themselves have been responsible for patient’s ill-health. Some hospitals and doctors do practice improper treatment due to lack of care.

There have been reports that due to a doctor’s neglect and mishandling the patient’s health becomes more serious and in some cases caused the death of the patient.

He was suffering from a Seizure: Nine-month-old Jassar Awadallah Al-Selami is also one of the victims of mistreatment by the doctors. A nine-month-old boy becomes a victim of wrong medication.

The little boy was suffering from a seizure and was taken to Nimra General Hospital in Al-Aridha. According to Mr. Ibrahim Muhammad Ahmed, the official spokesman of Makkah Health Affairs, when the boy was admitted to the hospital he was suffering from a seizure.

His left hand started changing the color: Jassar was then given the required medical treatment which included an injection. After being given the injection, it was observed that the boy’s left hand had changed its color.

It has been disclosed that the left hand of Jassar Awadallah Al-Selami has been paralyzed. The infant’s father, who is a sergeant at military and is stationed at the southern border, has confirmed the news.

Cutting the hand is the only Solution now: He says that his son was taken to the hospital in the state of seizure. He claims that the wrong injection is the very cause of hand paralysis. The doctors have declared amputation of hand i.e. surgical cutting of hand as an only solution.

The family has now taken the child to King Fahd Hospital in Al-Baha to avoid amputation. The father has claimed accountability of doctors who have been responsible for this incident.

Investigation going on: Therefore, an investigation against the medical team accused of giving a wrong injection to Jassar Awadallah Al-Selami and causing hand paralysis is being carried out by The Health Affairs in the coastal city of Qunfudah. 

The victim’s father has now demanded to transfer his son to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Jeddah for better treatment. 

According to Ibrahim Muhammad Ahmed, once the investigation reveals all the necessary details, only then a final decision can be taken.

Doctors should be accountable: I do believe that sometimes doctors do practice neglect and give improper medical treatment and those doctors shall be made accountable for it. They are to serve the patients and recover them from ill-health not to cause illness.

Doctors must be made accountable for their misconduct: no one has the right to play with human life and cause him to suffer.  But, the medical prescription might not be wrong. The medicines do have side-effects. There is a probability that the injection given to overcome seizure has caused the paralysis.

It might be that the injection was medically approved for seizure and might have such side-effects. We shall wait for the investigation to reveal the truth and shall pray for the poor boy’s health!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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