9 Features to expect in the Saudi Entertainment City, Riyadh

With the disclosure of the news that a new entertainment city will be built in the kingdom, excitement has arisen. The new entertainment city has features that are unique and thrilling. The city shall be built in Al Qidiya, southwest of Riyadh. It will be having unique features that are beyond excited. It shall be a complete hub of entertainment that shall incorporate activities dealing with sports, culture, and education. It shall also be a complete adventurous spot. However, it shall be opened by 2022! One has to wait for it as its foundation is to be laid by the start of 2018. By then you can imagine how cool the city would be because of its 9 amazing features. Here are those 9 set of activities which are to be provided at the new entertainment city:[irp]

1-Sports: No entertainment is complete until it has sports incorporated in it. But what the new entertainment city will be providing is not simple sports. One can experience the Champion leagues thrill here! Yes, one will be going all the way to Europe through 3D technology!  Brace ourselves up for all the thrill and excitement!

2-Educational center: Children need to learn as they play, and learning through playing is the best education! The multicultural city will be equipped for Children education. An education center shall be provided to children where their imaginations can speak out. They can pretend to take up any task or job and learn through it. What a great learning opportunity it will be! Surely the entertainment city will be all set to provide a great environment!

3-Aquatic adventures: Aquatic adventures in a desert country? Well yes!  Get ready to go through a great aquatic adventure where you will get an opportunity to walk in water, dive in the fresh water and even jump through water using jetpacks.

4-Outdoor adventures: The entertainment city shall provide adventurous people with a cave under a starry sky for holding adventures! Camp experience shall be enjoyed at the edge of Qaddiyah! Adventure loving people, this is great news for you! Keep your bag packs ready!

5-Shopping area: Shopping lovers do not worry. The city will be having a shopping area where you can locate all your favorite brands! International and reliable brands will be serving here at really awesome prices!

6-Accommodation: want to stay here, well you can! The entertainment city will be equipped with a series of high-end lodgings, hotels, restaurants and other accommodations in Qaddiyah for those who wish to stay!

7-Wildlife experience: For those who love wildlife shall tick mark the entertainment city as their future stop! You can experience the wildlife as you never did before. Get a chance to learn about wildlife and to view the rare species of the world![irp]

8-Motor Sports: All the car related activities shall be provided in auto-dome!  Experience the speedy cars and enjoy other motor activities!

9-Heritage and Science Center: Those who are keen to learn about heritage and civilizations: mark up a visit at Heritage and Science Center and explore in new and better way!

Source: Al Arabiya


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