9 expats arrested for snatching money from bank customers

Riyadh police have arrested a gang of expats who were involved in robbing money from bank customers at gunpoint.

The Ministry of Interior has also unveiled that the gang comprise of 9 members;

  • 6 Ethiopians.
  • 2 Bangladeshis.
  • 1 Syrian.

5 Ethiopians were directly involved in robbing bank customers at gunpoint while 2 Bangladeshi, 1 Syrian, and 1 Ethiopian were assisting them by providing means to rob such as illegal SIM cards.

They were using 4 stolen vehicles to accomplish their theft and looting goals. The vehicles have been recovered from them and around 387 SIM cards have been seized. They also had certain weapons with them.

After taking legal measures against them, the police referred them to the Public Prosecution. In light of the evidence available, we believe that harsh punishment would be served to them.

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