9 Common Problems faced by those who have an Uncommon Name

1-Dealing with people who spell your name any way they like: All your life, from your teachers to your doctors, everybody spells your name wrong. Finding out the correct spelling from the person may take only 30 seconds and still, people do not care about it and choose to spell your name however they like.[irp]

2-You must explain the meaning of your name to most of the people that you meet: Every person doesn’t necessarily know the meaning of their name. If somebody is inquisitive about the meaning, then they should find it themselves.

3-You have to be content with other people giving you strange nicknames for your uncommon name: Different nicknames by different people and you have to deal with each one.

4-You do not know anybody who shares their name with you: All through school and most probably your professional life too, you will not meet anybody with the same name as you.

5-Though your name is legendary, people often keep messing it up: You cannot stand when people mess up your name but it is all too common. Never ever finding any merchandise with your name on it. Be it a bottle of your favorite cola or a t-shirt, you will never find your name on any merchandise anywhere.

6-Every time you type your name on the computer it will underline your name in red: More common Muslim names such as Ahmed or Ali are not underlined though. Talk about different punctuation, let alone different languages. It is almost certain that in places where 2 languages are spoken, they will incorrectly punctuate or spell your name. You get excited whenever somebody spells your name correctly.

7-You actually dread saying your name in public places such as restaurants and ticket booths: Basically, if you are to make any reservations then make sure you say your name correctly and put emphasis on pronouncing your name properly. Saying your name over the phone and conveying it on to others is a struggle. You just cannot convey your name correctly and often resort to making up a temporary or common name for the specific task.

8-You often debate with yourself to either correct the other person or let it be: It can be quite frustrating to hear people saying your name wrong but you have to choose whether to let it be or correct them.

9-After everything that is said and done, you truly enjoy your uniqueness and the special feeling of your special name. This calls for a celebration.

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