8 ways taught in Islam to increase your Wealth

Muslims, around the world, need to understand that Islam is not based only upon Salah (the daily mandatory prayers) and fasting. When we say that Islam is a complete code of life, we mean it.

Islam lays down the rules and guidelines for the social, political, religious and economic life of every individual and society. Allah and His Prophets have guided us how to handle social, religious and economic affairs not only on an individual basis but as society as a whole.

I actually love it when a Muslim is in trouble and another Muslim would ask him to analyze his life.

We need to understand that the most of the problems that we are facing today are not only because we are not fulfilling the religious duties properly but also because we have forgotten the Islamic teachings regarding social, business and political affairs.

We all need to admit that money has become important. Money is not life, yet most of the affairs of life are based on money. Yet, most of the Muslims complain that the money they earn is without “barakah” (beatitude).

If this is a case, verily you need to check your social actions. Here is a list of things you need to analyze to increase your wealth as per Islamic teachings:

1-Are you dealing in interest? Interest is haram in Islam. Any business dealing or earning that involves interest is not acceptable in Islam. In Quran (2:276) Allah clearly mentions that He Almighty destroys interest while increases charity and Sadqah.

2-How are your ties with family? Holding up family ties is one of the important preaching of Islam. The Holy Prophet PBUH has always asked us to be kind and caring towards the family. The Prophet PBUH ensured that the one who holds ties of kinship shall expect an increase in wealth and life. (Bukhari)

3-Are you thankful to Allah? We all are blessed with uncountable blessings. Are we thankful to Allah for them?  Allah says in Quran (14:7) that those who thank me, I shall increase them. Subhan Allah! If we thank Allah for his already given blessings He shall bestow us with more.

4-Are you seeking forgiveness of Allah? We shall always seek forgiveness of Allah over the sins we have committed intentionally and unintentionally. Allah mentions in Quran (71:10-12) that seek Allah’s forgiveness who is forgiving. He shall bless you with rain and increase your wealth and children.

5-Do you recite Quran? Jotted down in Ibn Kathir, Holy Prophet PBUH said that in the house where Quran is recited, the goodness is increased.

6-Are you giving away charity? As mentioned above, Allah increases charity. Allah mentions in Quran that those who spend on Me, I spend on them. Also, the Holy Prophet PBUH assured that charity does not reduce wealth. (Bukhari)

7-Are you conscious of Allah? Whosoever is conscious of Allah, Allah makes a way out for them and also provides them with substance from where they did not expect. (Quran, 65:2-3)

8-Do you ask Allah to increase your wealth? Verily we need to ask for everything from Allah. It is mentioned in Bukhari that Holy Prophet PBUH prayed for Anas’s wealth in priority.

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