8 videos that got people arrested in Saudi Arabia

These viral videos were mostly concerned with immoral acts and acts against the norms of Saudi Arabia.  So here are some viral videos that caused Saudi police to prompt into action and arrest!

  1. The arrest over the Macarena dance

During the summers of 2017, a teenager went off to Jeddah’s street and performed a Macarena dance on the crosswalk.

His dance video went viral on social media and people didn’t appreciate it saying that it was an act to divert the driver’s attention and could have caused trouble. The police thereby had a hunch of the teenager and arrested him shortly!

3671 14 years old arrested in Saudi Arabia for dancing on the Road

  1. The arrest of Egyptian man over sexual abuse

An Egyptian man was filmed by his own domestic worker while he was sexually abusing her. The domestic worker named Beth Lili who holds Filipino identity filmed a video secretly and later uploaded on social media and asked for help.

Soon the video went viral and the police got alert.  The man was arrested in December 2017 for his sexual abuse crime.

4018 An expat arrested for sexually harassing his Filipino Maid – Viral Video

  1. The arrest of teen for spitting on the Holy Quran

A teen filmed a video of himself where he spits on the Holy Quran. The people on social media got furious and asked the authorities to take action.

The video was being shared so much so that it became trending on social media. Not only Saudis but also people of other Gulf countries became angry at the teenager. The teen was soon arrested.

3660 Saudi Police arrests a boy in Riyadh for spitting on the Holy Quran 01

  1. The arrest of the cat killer over killing cats

An anonymous Saudi would kill cats and post videos. He used the famous cat filter of Snapchat while killing tens of cats of Jeddah. People could not take the violence against the cat and his brutal acts were shared among the social media users.

The cat killer was soon arrested. He was sentenced one year of imprisonment, fine of 20,000 riyals and was forced to delete all his social media accounts.

3813 The famous Saudi ‘Cat Killer” is Jailed for 1 Year in Jeddah 00

  1. The arrest of a couple for kissing in a Car

The Saudi authorities arrested a man for kissing a woman and filming it. The man shot his own video on one of Jazan’s highway and uploaded it to hos Snapchat account with a caption “Teaching her how to drive” which later somehow became viral.

The people on social media claimed that it was an immoral act for which they shall be punished. The Police later confirmed the arrest of the man.

4610 Saudi authorities arrested a couple for kissing in public – Viral Video 02

  1. The arrest over gay marriage

The law of the Kingdom does not allow gay marriage. A video that sparked outrage among social media users in the initial days of January 2018 was over gay marriage.

Two men declared to have been married and in a video, it was seen that both were walking down a hallway. Police claimed to arrest everyone involved in the marriage.

4100 A Gay Marriage took place in Saudi Arabia – Couple Arrested 00

  1. The arrest of a Prince over a street fight

Prince Mashhoor Bin Talal bin Saud experienced an arrest in November 2017 after his video of the street fight went viral. He was holding a gun in his hand and threatening the civilians.

It was reported that 4 men along him were arrested after his video caused Saudis to rise against the unjust act.

3972 Saudi Prince arrested for threating with Machine Gun in Public 00

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