8 Umrah pilgrims died, 45 injured in a road accident

It has been confirmed that 8 Umrah pilgrims died while 45 got injured as a result of a bus collision. This tragic road incident took place on Friday in Saudi Arabia.

The bus collided with a truck on the Al-Hijrah highway, in Madinah. Al-Hijrah highway connects Makkah to Madina.

This collision is reported to have taken place near the town of Al Yutamah, approximately 90 km from Madinah city. This is one of the busy routes of the main road as it connects the two cities: Makkah and Madinah.

More than 20 ambulances and advanced care units from Madinah were sent to rescue the passengers. Timely aid was provided to them.

Who were the 8 pilgrims?

An eyewitness confirmed that most of those killed were Egyptians and Sudanese and that the bus had most likely veered off the road.

Source: Arab News

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