8 types of Intelligence Andalusia Summer Club explores in your Kids

At homes, kids become lazy and dull due to sitting idle all day long during their vacations. Parents should encourage their children to join Summer Clubs so that their child learns the true potential within themselves.

Andalusia Kids’ Wellness Center is not only a center for sick and autistic kids but also a center for the well kids. The center has highly qualified experts with world-class equipment in their pediatric clinics.

They explore the Hidden Talent: Every child is unique and talented in his own way. What may seem difficult for one child may be easy for the other one? The hidden talent of the child must be discovered and polished for him to excel and succeed in his life.

The traditional ways of learning are thought to be a hindrance to the development of a child’s abilities. Andalusia Summer club allows your child to discover his skills and talent by going on his own adventure. The special programs will help the children in developing their skill sets.

Why choose summer? Summer is the time when kids are practically idle and have nothing to do except indulge in activities like video games and eating unhealthy food for enjoyment.

The six-week summer club will allow the children to participate in artistic and creative activities and also get involved in programs to explore nature. Parents might get worried about the safety of their child when sending them to summer clubs but Andalusia Summer club guarantees the safety of your child by providing a safe and healthy environment under the supervision of professional specialists and trainers.

8 types of Intelligence: According to American Psychologist, Howard Gardner’s theory, there are 8 different types of intelligence which can explain the different learner styles of humans. At Andalusia’s summer club, these 8 bits of intelligence are applied for the learning of kids. These 8 bits of intelligence are:

1-Linguistic: The kid who is good at speaking and says things in a brilliant manner.

2-Logical: The kid who has a good sense of handling data in an organized way.

3-Visual: The kid who is good at analyzing stuff with their sight. Helps him in locating and building stuff easily.

4-Musical: The kid who enjoys listening to and composing music. He can express his love through the rhythm of the music.

5-Bodily: The kid who is strong physically and has a balance between mind and body.

6-Interpersonal: The kid who is a good friend to everyone and is the life of the party.

7-Intrapersonal: The kid who knows his friends more than themselves and help them out in every way possible.

8-Naturalistic: The kid who has a special connection with nature. He is peaceful and respects all the creatures.

Emotional Intelligence: They work on developing your child’s emotional intelligence and abilities developed through their 6-week program focusing on all the needs of your child. Andalusia Kids has a team of professionals and psychologists to efficiently deliver this program in a fun and interactive way for your kids.

Activity Blocks: To focus on these 8 intelligence traits along with the emotional intelligence of the child, the Andalusia summer club has 12 activity blocks. These activity blocks will eventually help in discovering and polishing the skills of the kids. The 12 activity blocks are:

1-Mindful Posing to relax and calm

2-Blindfold senses for improving attention and focus.

3-Making healthy food choices

4-Motivation management skills to organize and enhance leadership skills

5-Sharing and art of giving, learning empathy

6-Communication skills and public etiquette

7-Verbal and linguistic problem solving to enhance team building skills

8-Reaching out for ideas and concepts to explain ideas

9-Building self-awareness

10-Brain building by different activities

11-What is in your heart – for emotions and feelings development

12-Myth Breaker for letting children know about the realities of life and knock off the misconceptions.

Kids these days are faced with the most unusual disorders due to their activities and interests. They need to stop obsessing over the things that are destroying their healthy lifestyle and deteriorating their health. Programs like Andalusia summer club is a great platform for kids to learn and grow.

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