8 Types of Headaches and why it is important to take them seriously

A headache is a specific pain in the head that is caused by a mix of signals sent through by the brain, blood vessels, and nearby nerves.

The nerves of blood vessels and head muscles tend to switch on which in return send pain signals towards the brain. The headaches are caused by different reasons such as tension, stress, illness and unhealthy and polluted environment.

However, Headaches are complicated. One shall not have regular headaches! There are in fact different kinds of headaches that originate due to different reasons and have their own symptoms and treatments.

It is important to know what type of a headache one is going through. This information is handy to treat a headache and prevent further pain in the head! There are around 150 types of headaches; we surely cannot cover them all.

But we have sorted out some most common types of headaches that would be useful to go through!

1-Tension headaches: This is the most common type of headaches through which most of our adults and teens are going through. A tension headache is also named as stress headaches, chronic daily headaches or chronic non-progressive headaches.

It is common among those who go through prolonged stress and worries. The tension or the stress headaches can cause pain in the head which is ranged between mild and moderate. The tension headaches are frequent and they tend to come and go over time.

2-Migraines: a migraine has been one of the top kinds of headaches. In such a headache, the head pounds terribly with a throbbing pain. A headache is not a simple one. It can last for up to four hours up to 3 days. A migraine can strike per month 1-4 times.

A migraine does not come alone. It is often complimented by symptoms such as sensitivity towards light, noise, or smells. Also, some people complain of going through nausea or vomiting. People also suffer from loss of appetite and an upset stomach or belly pain.

When a child goes through a migraine, she/he takes up a pale color, feels dizzy, goes through a fever, complains about stomach being upset and also the vision of victim gets blurred.

Some children (about 1 %) also tend to go through an abdominal migraine under which a child complains about having digestive unease. These digestive symptoms include vomiting that can occur once a month.

3-Mixed headache syndrome: it is a combination of migraines and tension/stress headaches. It is one of the serve kinds of headaches which are also commonly known as the transformed migraines. It is not age specific: both adults and children can suffer through it.

4-Cluster headaches: The cluster headaches are the least common types of a headache yet they are most intense ones. The victim of such headaches complains to have intense pain in the back of the eyes. The intensity of pain is so high that one feels a burning or piercing pain behind the eyes.

Such a pain can be either throbbing or constant. The evil pain is such that the sufferer is unable to sit still at a place. You will observe that a person suffering from cluster pain walks painfully and restlessly during an attack.

They’re called “cluster headaches” as the pain attacks in groups or clusters. Cluster headaches occur one to three times per day during a cluster period. A cluster period lasts from 2 weeks to 3 months.

A headache is unpredictable: The headaches may disappear completely for as long as months or years but they are to come back sooner or later!

5-Sinus headaches: a sinus headache gets its name because the cavities in your head called sinuses get inflamed. When sinuses get inflamed a pain occurs.

Such a pain can occur in cheekbones, forehead and at the bridge of the nose. These pains are not a simple one: they are deep, intensive and constant.

Some people may go through a sinus symptom. Under sinus symptoms a person may face a running nose, feeling of fullness in the ears, fever, and swelling in the face.

6-Acute headaches: as the name shows, acute headaches are the kind of headaches that appear suddenly and tend to disappear after a short while.

Most kids go through acute headaches. If nerve problem symptoms are absent, then such a headache is caused by a respiratory or sinus infection.

7-Hormone headaches: These kinds of headaches are most common among women.

As Women hormone levels get changed during their periods, pregnancy, and menopause headaches can occur. The birth control pills are also responsible for hormone imbalance which can cause headaches.

8-Chronic progressive headaches: such headaches are rare yet quiet intensive. They get intense with time and occur frequently. Such headaches are also known as the traction or inflammatory headaches.

These headaches are attributed to illness and brain or skill disorders. According to studies less than 5% of all headaches in adults and less than 2% of all headaches in kids belong to this category.

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