8 Tricks used by Saudi Supermarkets to make you spend more

Who doesn’t love the sound of shopping? No matter how tired you may come home from a day full of workload, but the minute you’re announced, “we’re going shopping!” your metabolism is charged.

You put everything aside, head to your room and change. By the next 15 minutes, you’re already on your way to a shopping mall. However, we all hate the cries for going grocery shopping.

No matter how charged you are,  you’ll come with excuses avoiding the run to the supermarket. This goes particularly for men since they know it’s all about losing tons of energy just trying to fill in their trolleys or baskets.

Have you ever considered the fact that sometimes when we visit the supermarket, in our heads we have a whole list planned out and accordingly we know exactly how much we need to spend? That’s the trick of saving up money and planning.

It’s important to spend only how much you’re supposed to. What you would hate most is when you think you’ve got all the groceries and perhaps some extra within your budget, but the moment you’re handed the bill you freak out on how the bill exceeded your estimation.

It’s time that we all consider who actually is at fault when we enter the supermarket. It’s not us, trust me. It’s the crazy and eye-catching strategies implied by the supermarkets that hook us and won’t let us drown or die.

01-Chocolate Counter: Everyone tries to avoid this because they know if you find them you’ll find it hard to resist. They are placed at the checkouts so even if you skip them out, you’ll fill them in the end.

02-Hide and Seek: Have you ever wondered why the dairy and fresh food placements are always at the back of the store? That’s because those are necessities and by the time you reach those placements, you’ve bought some unnecessary things in between.

03-Fresh Goodies: You can never escape the aroma of the bakery section of a supermarket. When the bakers pack and put up pizzas or bread freshly baked from the oven up front, you can never resist them. You’ll end up filling more than you thought.

04-Long aisles: They are set solely for the purpose that you can’t help yourself from checking out the whole counter. Many times, my wife goes back to collect something while I am standing in the lane to go through the counter.

05-Shelf Placements: Expensive items and brands will be kept at our eye level while the cheaper at the top and the bulk will be kept on lower shelves.

06-Live Stations: You’ll find blenders being tested, or maybe salad spinners that might urge you to buy them even if you don’t need them.

07-Offers: Marts make up deals that will make you think you’re saving up, but you’re not. Such offers include special prize draws as well.

08-Narrow Checkouts and Big Trolleys: This will ensure that your trolley is filled and you can’t even drop stuff off once you reach the checkout.

Source: Destination Jeddah

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.