8 things you Experience after leaving Saudi Arabia

When you go back to your home country after spending a few years in Saudi Arabia, then you’ll more probably recount yourself to these situations. When you first went to Saudi Arabia, it might have taken you some time to adjust and to get familiar with the place and the culture and values.

However, after living there for so many years, you get used to the things so much. You might realize it when you come back to your home that how much you are going to miss this all.

1-It becomes awkward to be social: When you were in Saudi Arabia, you had barely interacted with men. It may sound weird that you had least dealings with male strangers, but it’s true.

Although after returning to your home country, you are having full-on conversations with menfolk after being so accustomed to avoiding such conversations or keeping a distance mostly, it is going to be a bit complicated and awkward.

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2-Getting Ready for the Day: It is an exhausting thing that you can’t find something to wear and no fun at all. When you were in Saudi Arabia, you simply wore pajamas under your Abaya. Dressing like that and pairing it with a good-looking pair of heels, it looks stunning.

Who could tell what you are wearing under abaya? But coming back to your country where you have to get ready for the day and to find something to wear or the thought ‘what you wear’ is going to be a big deal.

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3-You get irritated when you have to wait in long lines: It is an annoying thing for you to wait for your turn in the long queue. The question which comes to your mind is that why do I have to wait like everyone else? In Saudi Arabia, women are always given a preferential treatment as they don’t have to wait most of the times.

4-You learn that confusing contrary culture-shock is a real thing: At first when you come back to your home country, you feel the excitement to be back home and meeting your friends and family. Then, this joy goes off and you start feeling an alien in the other world and just feel like out of place in your own values.

You see deep-rooted norms and culture from your home country from a different viewpoint and your preferences have changed. Unexpectedly, you’re overcome by feelings you didn’t expect.

5-Effort to stop using Arabic words: You really find it difficult to stop yourself from using Arabic words. You find yourself persistent in using the words like “Yalla” in your everyday conversations and you have to make an effort to refrain yourself every time. 

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6-The difference between prices gives you a mini heart attack every time: You go nuts and freak out every time when you see the price of anything. Especially when you have to pay for Petrol Price!

The difference in prices is so hard to digest, and not only the prices are high, all high taxes are really an offensive and outrage.

7-You are always looking for that perfect shawarma sandwich taste: The perfect taste of the shawarma you only missed after you came back to your home country. Your craving for it drives you to search for it but the delicious taste you are used to, can’t be found in other shawarma sandwiches.

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8-Driving anywhere is a fun: You can actually drive yourself and explore different places! It is a sense of power you didn’t have in the past. You might even get in the car to go for a long drive without knowing about the destination.

Though sometimes you get tired of driving and want someone to drive you around and you don’t have to deal with traffic. 

Source: Expat Woman

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