8 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

Smartphones are currently on the trend. People wish to have one, and those having it wish to have the latest one. The smartphones are also in great demand by the kids. The great features they have now provided in these pocket-sized phones are amazing.

Smartphones have entirely revolutionized the concept of a mobile phone. A simple mobile was used to make and receive calls and messages. However, there are a lot many things one can do via smartphones other than calls and messages.

With the ability to access the internet, the smartphone users can send and receive e-mails and use multiple applications via Google play store or the Apple app store. But that’s not it. The smartphones now, themselves are equipped with some amazing features, that most users aren’t aware of.[irp]

This article would be of real interest for Apple users. Yes, if you are an Apple user you should know that your phone is equipped with relatively unknown features that are quite handy. Here are some features of iPhone (available for iOS 8 and higher, while others available in iOS 9 and higher.) that would be fun to discover for Apple users:

1-See which apps drain the most battery: Having issue of battery drain out? Or want to save battery for a longer time period? Then you must be equipped with information that which application has more battery use-age. And yet your iPhone has this amazing feature to tell you.

Just go to Settings and head on to the option of the battery and your phone will make you know that which application drains the most battery. So when you want to save up your battery or already having a low battery, avoid using those applications for the time being.

2-Let your friends track where you go: Want your friends and family to locate you as you move? Feeling too lazy to explain them where have you reached? No problem! Your iPhone has a built-in feature that will allow your selected contacts know where you are through text message.

Yes, you can share location with them either for an hour, until the end of the day or for the unspecified time period. You just have to go to the message thread and tap that detail button on the upper right corner. Select the option of “Share My Location” and you are done!

3-: Not in a mood of reading articles, books or text messages? Let Sir read them out for you. Launch the settings folder and head towards accessibility located in general settings. There you will find an option of speech: turn on speak selection.

Now you can command Siri to read things out loud for you! After this, just roll two fingers from top to bottom on your phone screen and Siri will start reading whatever it finds on your screen.

4-See everywhere you’ve been: Where ever we go, our phone travels with us. And amazingly keeps a track of it. iPhone users can see the history of where they have been by exploring the settings of their phone.

Head over to privacy after tapping the settings icon. Search for location services in system services. Scrolling to the end and select frequent locations and view the history section. 

5-See who’s calling you even if a phone number isn’t in your contacts: Apple’s iOS 9 has introduced a new feature which helps you to track down the identity of an unknown number. So if you have sent someone an email and that person’s email id is associated with his/her number, your phone will notify you when he/she calls you. A pop up will appear suggesting who that unknown caller is.

6-Use Siri to skip filter photos on your iPhone by date or location: Our phones are equipped with memories. We tend to take photos at special events like birthdays, vacations, parties, meetings, wedding etc.

And sometimes we have to dig down the whole gallery to find a certain photo. But iPhone users, who have updated to IOS 9, can actually save their time in search of photographs. They can simply command Siri to search for them.

For instance, you have to find the pictures of a friend’s wedding held in UAE in 2012, you can command Siri to “show photos taken in 2012 at UAE”.

7-Mute text messages: Getting disturbed by messages you are not interested in or that are not meant for you? Getting spam messages and can’t do anything because anyone can text you? Well, you have an option to mute text messages that annoy you.

Open up your message folder, select the conservation you want to mute. Then tap the detail button in the upper right-hand corner. Turn on the option of Do Not Disturb. A small half-moon shall appear with the conservation thread.

8-Use Siri hands-free: Siri is basically Apple’s built-in digital voice-controlled assistant that has the ability to understand the context and talks back. One can ask Siri a question or give a command.

iPhone 6S users do not need to hold the home button to launch Siri without connecting to power. They have to say “HEY SIRI” to get its assistance after enabling the “Hey Siri” option in settings.

However, users other than iPhone 6S can use Siri hands-free by plugging in the power and enabling the option of “Hey Siri”.

“Hey, Siri” works in any situation regardless of that fact that screen is on or off or an application is running or not. Users can give in any command after saying “Hey, Siri.” Moreover, there are many other things you can do with the Headphone of iPhones.

Amazing features, aren’t they? iPhone had been updated with a lot of many features and interestingly most of the users are not aware of these time saving and handy features. These are not the only lesser-known Apple’s features, there are much more. So iPhone` users, head out to explore your phones that are equipped with features that you definitely need to know!

Source: Independent UK

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