8 things you can do on your Husband’s Birthday to make him feel special

You might have wondered or are currently wondering what to do to make sure that your Husband’s Birthday. One idea which I have not discussed below considering the fact that it is highly unprovable that any woman would listen to it especially living in Saudi Arabia is to not to take her on shopping on his Birthday. Let him relax, no driving. Here are a few other ideas which might help you out.[irp]

1-Give him a handwritten note or letter, on every day of the week leading up to the birthday: You can write him meaningfully, deep letters or even light and funny ones. Make sure each letter is different and has a heartfelt message in it. You can also make it interesting by adding different themes to each envelope.

2-Collect notes or letters from his family and friends: Notes and letters with a heartfelt message are undoubtedly one of the best gifts one can give to others, however when these notes are from the entire family and friends, then it makes them even more special. You can choose to give them all at once, or you can give him the letters or notes over a few days leading up to his birthday.

3-Organize a treasure hunt: Organize a treasure hunt or similar activity in order to get him to search for his gift. You can take it up a notch by leaving tiny hints around the house or wherever you organize the hunt. The gift will be unique and will bring some excitement to their birthday.

4-Bake him a delicious cake: Well, this depends if you can bake or not, but by all means, give it a try. A birthday is not really complete without a birthday cake!  If you do not normally bake, trying out baking for their special day will surely surprise him and show the dedication that you put into his birthday. There is literally nothing sweeter than a rich birthday cake.

5-Organize a party: Well, this does not have to be really grand or too small an event. If he does not have any plans, you can call some of his friends over and make some of his favorite food. You could also arrange a playlist of his favorite music and combine all these things will make a special little party for their big day.

6-Take him some special pace: There must be a special spot, restaurant or café that you both might consider your special place. It could be the first place you guys went as a couple or any other special place.  The special spot will add a special touch to their special day.

7-Plan a relaxing day for him: Yes, you read that right; it is not only the women who like to be pampered. Though you may not see or hear about too many men booking a day at the spa, if you book a day for them, they will surely go and enjoy it. You could go together and spend time together while relaxing in the spa, being pampered.

8-Prepare a gift box: We all love getting gifts, especially on our birthday. So you can make a gift hamper or gift box, filled with his favorite snacks, drinks, his favorite movie or TV series, a jersey of his favorite sports team.

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