8 things every Saudi and Muslim sister should immediately tell her Brother

The nonsense that is “boys will be boys” has been a constant plague in our society. The boys or the sons and brothers are expected to be sort of bossy, boisterous and carefree. However, something that is essential to be understood is that the boys or brothers are not bossy or irresponsible and carefree by nature.[irp]

It is our parents and our society that has made them believe they are so. In order to put a final end to this mindset or this notion, here are a few things that all sisters need to be telling their brother, right about now:

1-Cat callers and catcalling will not stop if you ask me to close the curtains on my side of the car when the car is stopped at a traffic signal. These cat callers have developed a habit of doing so and they will not stop if I react to them, in fact, it might just encourage them. Just let me enjoy the view in peace.

2-Do not just assume that I am your personal butler or chef. If you are feeling hungry, go and make yourself some food. It is not any nuclear or rocket science. Really, it is as simple as putting on some jam on a piece of bread, and your hunger will be gone.

3-Honestly, nobody has any authority over my life choices, other than myself. I am completely capable of doing so myself. Though you may be a guardian, you are not the boss of me. I am old enough to take care of my own self.

4-Any plans that I may make with my friends are completely up to me and are not conditional to permission from you.  The permission from my parents is enough for my plans, and not yours.

5-Dear brother, you can always ask for my advice in relation to your crushes or girlfriends. It is totally natural for the sister to know about her brother’s crush. I may even give you priceless advice on the issue too.

6-I will not use your personal information against you in any argument. However, I just might tell our other siblings or elder siblings about a specific crush of yours. I will be a great sister and there is no need to be insecure

7-I am not going to be giving up my rights to find a decent man of my own choosing, just because you may or may not have any insecurity.

8-Singing my heart out at home or talking loudly in public does not make a woman any less of a woman. No, a woman does not have to be mild-mannered in order to qualify as a woman. I may be naturally loud or just like talking like that, so just chill out.

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