8 Struggles left-handed people discreetly face in Muslim Communities

1-You are forced to be as right handed as possible: This will usually include being forced to eat with the right hand because the right hand is for cleaning and the left hand is for cleaning. Additionally, you will always be made to shake hands with another person with the right hand and not the left, because that is how things are done. In our early ages, it can be especially tricky as our brain is trying to calibrate everything.[irp]

2-You will be immensely judged for using the left hand in public: Forget everything that you know about manners and appropriateness and take out the left hand whenever you are eating as you will also be served with the main course of judgmental stares. In any case, even putting forth your left hand to receive a gift or money will be taken as a bad omen. Well, you shouldn’t be made to feel bad about the primary hand that you use, naturally.

3-Those intensely holier aunties who pity your left handed abilities: There will always be some or maybe numerous super religious females in your family or neighborhood who will want to speak to your mother concerning your left handedness. She will always warn your mother to make you use your left hand or god knows what will happen. These women should not worry about my awesome ability.

4-Using scissors can be a real headache: The manufacturers of scissors around the world favor the most common right handed population. Due to this, basic household tasks which involve cutting with scissors are a million times harder than it is for the right handed population. Even the household clothing iron is a pain for the left-hand population. We left handed people to call this a conspiracy against the left handed people by the right handed people.

5-Any notebooks with binders are the worst out of them all: Taking notes may be a headache in itself, however, whenever you add the binding of the notebooks pressing hard against the palm of your hand, it surely will not make things easier for the left handed people.

6-Desks are also a conspiracy against us: A majority of the universities and schools around the world have extremely discriminatory furniture against the left handed community. These right handed cut out desks can be a real pain for the lot of us. How did they assume that almost all of us are right handed?

7-Having a neighbor who is right handed. OH, MY GOD! Well, chances are that you will have a right handed neighbor who you will be compared to. So just get used to it, or convince your parents to move next door to a left handed person.

8-Obama is also a leftie: People will tell you this, but what’s wrong with that. Should I feel bad for being compared to one of the most powerful people in the world? Should I worry about becoming president of the United States of America because I am left handed?

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