8 Steps taken by Saudi Police for smooth traffic flow in Jeddah

The Jeddah Traffic Department has just mobilized all the material and human resources to ensure the maximum smooth flow of traffic by deploying several more officers in those areas that experience heavy traffic regularly.

Major General Waslullah Al Harbi, the director of the traffic department of Jeddah has stated that the department will be adopting eight measures to reduce the congestion of traffic occurring in different parts of the city.

The Traffic-related violations: With increasing motorists, the traffic-related violations are also becoming a serious issue in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the new move by the traffic department is surely going to be a welcome one as it was badly needed, though more so in some parts in comparison to other.

Al Harbi spoke on the topic of the unification of traffic direction. He stated that the traffic will be diverted to facilitate easy access and moving of all motorists.

01-Police Presence on Busy Roads: He further added that the traffic department would be intensifying police presence in front of busy markets and malls, to catch those individuals who, park incorrectly and cause traffic jams.

The traffic police officers will be keeping a close eye on the exit and entry points of Jeddah.

02-Undercover Officers: Several undercover officers have been placed in the area. The timings of the traffic signals will also be changed in accordance with the number of vehicles or the flow of traffic going through the area.

03-Vegetable Market: Traffic police have covered the congestion occurring near the vegetable market by unifying the flow of vehicles from west to east.

There have been traffic police officers appointed to deal with traffic bottlenecks especially near main markets, shopping malls, and shops etc.

4-Mosques: Additional traffic police officers have been deployed near the mosques in Abdullah Al Sulaiman Street as well as Saheefa Street, to ensure nobody parks incorrectly and cause a traffic jam or bottleneck.

5-Shops and Restaurants: The Jeddah traffic police are paying special attention to those individuals rushing home from their workplaces, and the crowds of customers who gather outside shops and restaurants between the Asr and Maghreb prayer times.

6-Airports: Units will also be posted at the airport to better facilitate the inflow and outflow of passengers.

7-Unification of traffic direction: The traffic department will be unifying traffic in some areas such as the Dhahab Street where the traffic will now go from south to north and will serve as the entrance to Balad from the south.

8-Makkah to Jeddah expressway: Additional units are also being posted on the Makkah to Jeddah expressway and all other major highways and expressways such as the Haramain road and Madinah to Jeddah expressway.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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