8 mandatory points of an Employment Contract

The Ministry of HR has set 8 compulsory points which every employment contract must have in Saudi Arabia.

An employment contract sets the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employees and therefore, it should be carefully drafted. 

8 mandatory points of an Employment Contract

In accordance with article 52 of Labor System, an employment contract in Saudi Arabia should clearly state;

  1. The date of joining the work.
  2. The salary, benefits, and allowances agreed upon by both the employee and employer.
  3. The name of the worker along with his nationality.
  4. The residence address of the worker.
  5. The fixed time duration of the contract.
  6. The required documents to prove the identity of the employee.
  7. The name of the business and the location where the business is operational.
  8. The type of work and the location of work. Recommended: Can my employer transfer me to another location?

In addition to that, both parties are allowed to add any other clause in the employment contract provided that those clauses are not against the Saudi Labor Law.

Source: Ministry of HRSD

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