8 items you must have in your luggage while traveling out of Saudi Arabia

As traveling is considered the most tiring work. The main problem that we have to face before traveling to another country is to make a list of all the essential things and pack them properly. These things can include your dresses in your everyday routine medicines. It is a tiresome work.

Mentioned below are the things that might be important for you to take them with you while you are traveling out of Saudi Arabia,[irp]

1-Clothes: Before packing to any country the first thing you have to know is the actual weather condition of that place. U will have to know that what the current temperature of that country is. You will need to pack your clothes according to the weather of the country you are traveling.

If you are traveling to a cold country u have to take your woolen clothes, jackets, socks, and shoes while traveling to a hot country just take some light and cotton clothes with you.

2-Travel pill box: Whenever and wherever you travel it is compulsory for you to take your travel pill box. This will help you to take your medicine on time.

3-Umbrella: An Umbrella must be in your luggage. You can take a sun umbrella with you especially if you are going to a country where it rains a lot. For example, you cannot even think to go out without an Umbrella in London or Bangkok as it rains a lot.

3-Sewing Kit: It is a compulsory need to take a sewing kit with you. Although if you get your dress torn you will have a sewing kit to sew it without any trouble.

4-Makeup Kit: Good makeup can be often categorized as being equally important to pretty clothes. One should make sure that they have the following makeup products with them at all times;

Concealer – It can act as a savior for those days when an angry pimple or zit pops up on your face. Concealer is also helpful in hiding the dark circle under one’s eyes in real life as well as the pictures.

Eye Makeup – Mascara, eyeliner and a kohl pencil are the absolute basic necessities of eye makeup as well as a complete makeup/beauty kit. There is also smudge proof or waterproof varieties available.

Foundation – an absolute must-have for the newlywed bride for a constant glow. Choosing a foundation color which may be one shade lighter than your own skin can brighten up your face instantly.

5-Variety of shoes: It is vital not to just stuff your bag with stilettos or high heels. A comfortable pair of sneakers and flip-flops are also a must as you might have to walk to explore your honeymoon destination.

6-Super-Hot Lingerie: Make sure you are packing a set of your super-hot lingerie with you especially if you are a recently married couple. This requirement becomes less important in Honeymoon no. 2,3 and 4.

7-Luggage Scale portable device: As this will help you to weigh your luggage when you will pack your bags to return back.

8-Foldable Hangers: You can take some foldable hangers in your bag as it will make easy for you to hang your clothes easily. These foldable hangers don’t take much space in your bag. These hangers can be taken easily everywhere.

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