8 Facts about Jabal Abu Qubais

Jabal Abu Qubais, or the mountain of Abu Qubais, is just opposite the Holy Kaaba, close to the Mountain Safa. Here are some interesting facts about it.

1- Omar Mahmood writes in his book “Muhammad, an Evolution of God” that the first mountain Allah created is Jabal Abu Qubais.

 Jabal Abu Qubais2- When Prophet Adam عليه السلام was given the task of building the Holy Kaaba, he took rocks from the very mountain. So the Holy Kaaba built on earth for the first time used foundation rocks from the mount of Abu Qubais.

Jabal Abu Qubais3- At Tabari believes that Prophet Adam عليه السلام breathed his last at the foot of the mountain and thereby was buried there. Omar Mahmood writes in his book “Muhammad, an Evolution of God” that Prophet Adam عليه السلام was buried near Jabal Abu Qubais.

4- Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi writes in his book Hayat Al Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets that Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام stood on Jabal Abu Qubais and asked people to believe in Allah and worship no one but Allah. 

5- During Prophet Noah عليه السلام era Allah Almighty sent down a flood towards the disbelievers. To protect the sacred stone, the Hajr-e-Aswad was kept at the mountain Abu Qubais. Shaikh Abdullah also quotes it in his book Biography of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

6- Ali bin Abu Talib رضي الله عنه was entrusted with the responsibility to return all the things Quraish had given Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for safekeeping after his Migration to Madina.

Ali رضي الله عنه climbed on the Mount Abu Qubais to make an announcement. – Source

Mountain Abu Qubais7- The disbelievers asked Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to split the moon into two halves; only then they would put faith in Allah Almighty. It is said that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ either stood on or by the mount Abu Qubais and asked Allah Almighty to grant the miracle.

Allah Almighty split the full moon into two. One half floated above Jabal Abu Qubais. Yoel Natan quotes it in his book Moon-o-theism, Volume II of II.

8- During the Makkah Siege by Hajjaj bin Yousuf in 691 CE, the mount was used by the Umayyad governor to fire the catapult. Abdullah bin Zubair رضي الله عنه was martyred due to the catapult attack.

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