8 etiquettes of watching movies at Cinemas in Saudi Arabia

As we all aware that soon in March of this year, Cinema theatres are expected to be opened in the Kingdom after a long ban of 37 years.

37 years is such a long time period; it means our new generation is totally unaware how to behave in the cinema theatre. They might have seen theatres only in movies and videos. Most of us might be the first one to go to the theatre and we might don’t know how to behave there.

Here are 8 etiquettes that you should learn and obey these while going out to watch movies in theatres. These will surely benefit you.

1-Parking: The drivers of the Kingdom are well known for illegal and double parking. This could happen when an impatient moviegoer double park his car in front or back of another car and block the car of another moviegoer.

Every movie is almost 2 hours long and it is very bad to make block anyone car that they could not find any way out for quite a long time, to prevent all this situation park your car properly in ample parking places.

2-Spoilers: Many Saudis love to watch movies again and again. If they watched the movie with their family, they will go again to watch that same movie with their friend. You can watch the movie as many times as you can but please don’t try to ruin others days by telling the ending.

This is one main etiquette you will have to follow while you go to watch a movie, but please don’t spoil others moment by telling the ending and try to keep silent inside the theatres so that everyone should enjoy the movie.

3-Sleeping: For the sleepers, they could stay at home for taking rest but if parents are forced to come to watch the movie with their Kids they can sleep in the hall but avoid snoring.

4-Taking Kids: For parents, please don’t try to come to the theatre with newborn, infants and toddlers. They will somehow get scared of the environment inside the theatre as it is not meant for a small kid. There might be a strict rule that kids under five years are not allowed.

5- Lines: Nowadays with the advancement of technology, we can buy tickets online without standing in the long lines. But still, we will have to stand in lines to enter the movie theatre so please try to stand in proper manner without running and screaming in uncivilized manners

6-Commentary: While watching a movie in the theatre, forget commenting, discussing and analyzing plot. This should be left to talk after the movie.

While watching in a theatre you should remember that you are not in your living room so try to behave like a well-civilized man as movie theatres are a public venue where others should not be interrupted.

Similarly, there a many people who like to move a lot and are unable to control their limbs, no one wants such people seated there.

7-Mobile phones: Forget your mobile phones when you are inside the theatre. For moviegoer it is compulsory to keep their mobile in silent mode, moreover for our youth please keep your Instagram and Snapchat stories for after the movie.

It will not let anybody achieve anything but will only create annoyance in the theatre.

8-Interval break: A 10-minute break is given during the interval of the movie, so if you want to get something to eat or wanted to go to the washroom, you can go at this time and return to your seat within the given time.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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