8 Crazy Reasons we love to Eat Mangoes during Summer Season

Mangoes are one of the greatest things on God’s green earth and it makes us actually happy and people look forward to the summer months i.e. Mango season. It is not only the taste of mangoes but also the Health Benefits of Eating Mangoes due to which we love this fruit which is also called the King of Fruits.[irp]

1-The deliciously fragrant smell: By all honesty, smelling a good mango is exactly like tasting the mango, but with your nose. The fruity aroma and sweet fragrance of mangoes are something that adds to the experience of eating mangoes.

2-The Awesome Mango is also potent in fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and various other highly beneficial minerals. Only one cup of mangoes contains around three grams of total fiber. This amount of fiber is approximately 10 percent of the daily recommended value of the intake of fiber. Hence mangoes are extremely beneficial to our health. Recommended: 10 Health Benefits of Eating Mangoes (The King of Fruits)

3-Putting in more to your work out in order to burn off those mango calories: Every single average sized mango consists of around 135 calories, and a continuous and daily intake of the mangoes will most definitely make you gain some weight. However, mangoes are still low in calories in comparison to the junk food that most of us consume on a regular basis. Hence eating mangoes moderately in the mango season is not bad for you.

4-The countless types and varieties of mangoes that are available out there: Only the real and true mango aficionado can tell you about the various types and breeds of mangoes available out there. Go to an experienced fruit seller in order to find out what type of mangoes is available and which one you would like in terms of taste and quality.

5-You want to eat them all day every day: Regardless if you are a true foodie or a casual fan, once you eat one mango, it is very, very hard to stop. Those who are real mango lovers can eat them for breakfast, lunch or for dinner, or even in between meals. Why not? We are talking about mangoes here.

6-The countless mango desserts we can choose from: Mangoes are so popular that numerous products have incorporated the scent or taste of mango. The most popular is mango ice cream and are found in literally ever ice cream shop around the world. There are other desserts such as mango custard or fruit trifle too, which is equally as good.

7-However, we all love mangoes as they are: Honestly, how could anybody not love mangoes in their original form? The soft and delicious fruit is a real delicacy and if you happen to live in a country where it is grown, you get to eat the best mangoes available and that too before the rest of the world gets their hands on them.

8-A sense of duty to correct somebody who does not like mangoes: It is truly our duty to correct anybody who does not like mangoes, as it is a true sin. Everybody must like mangoes. That is the only rule.

Source: Destination KSA

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