8 Companies which were incorporated before Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has come a long way since its formation/unification in 1932. However, there are several companies which exist since before the Kingdom itself.

Haji Abdullah Alireza & Co. Ltd.

House of Alireza, which is also known as Beit Zainal, is known to be the oldest commercial enterprise, with its foundations dating back to 1845.

Zainal Alireza began importing textiles, food, and other stuff in Jeddah. The owner was awarded the commercial registration number 1 by the Government.


Binzagr is another one of the oldest companies in Saudi Arabia. The Binzagr group can trace its foundation back to 1881 when it became a small trading company.

Even today, the company’s core business is formed by distribution and trading, with the Binzagr group holding the exclusive rights to distribution to several international products such as personal care, home care, automotive, and food and drink.

Yousuf MA Naghi & Sons Group

The Yousuf MA Naghi & Sons Group was formed in 1911 and it has over time become one of the most recognized and trusted names in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The headquarters of the group is in Jeddah and they also have operations in the UAE and Egypt.

JamJoom Group

Jamjoom is a household name that has been operating in the Kingdom for more than 100 years. There are several subsidiaries under the umbrella of Jamjoom in several countries in the GCC region.

The group deals with a wide range of things ranging from real estate, medicine to automotive and manufacturing amongst others.

Saudi Hollandi Bank

The Saudi Hollandi Bank started operations in 1926 and was the first bank in Saudi Arabia. It initially operated as a branch of the Netherlands trading society to serve the Hajj Pilgrims from the Dutch East Indies.

In 2021, the oldest bank of Saudi Arabia merged with the Saudi British Bank (SABB).

Ittihad club

Ittihad club is a Jeddah-based Sports Club famous for its football club Ittihad FC. It was formed in 1927 which makes it the oldest club in the Kingdom.

To date, it has won 8 league titles and also 47 different championships including the Asian championship title.

Saudi Bin Ladin Group

7-The Saudi Bin Ladin Group was formed in 1931. Saudi Bin Ladin Group is currently one of the biggest construction companies around the world.

They are involved in several key projects in the Kingdom since their foundation, such as the King Abdul Aziz International Airport, the Abraj Al Bait Towers, the Al Hada Highway, the King Saudi University, and also the expansion of the 2 Holy Mosques located in Madina and Makkah amongst others.

Al Bilad Newspaper

The Al Bilad Arabic language newspaper was started in April of 1932. Initially, it was printed only once every week and was printed under the title of, The Voice of Hejaz. The name was changed to Al Bilad after 28 years.

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