8 Cheating Techniques used by students in Saudi Arabia

After the end of the academic year, every student wishes to appear in the final exams to get promoted to the next class and also to get rid of all the stress of year-long studies or the excess burden of homework or assignments. Here are some best websites for hardworking students of Saudi Arabia.

It is important to mention here that cheating could be very dangerous for your educational and professional career if you are caught cheating in Saudi Arabia.

However, the students only wish to attain grade A and to attain A grade or passing marks several students prefer to cheat during their exams by using several techniques. Here are some 8 cheating techniques that are used by the students Saudi Arabia in the examination halls:

1-Scanning notes on bottles: This is one of the most used methods by Saudi students to cheat during their test. They usually scan notes on the labels of their water bottles which are allowed to carry inside the examination hall.

They usually take out the label and write answers on the inner sides of the label and paste it again on the bottle.

2-Stealing art pieces displayed on the classroom walls: Many students steal the art projects displayed in their classrooms for decorating the walls.

They use to steal that to submit during their final exams rather than working to create a new one. They use to faux paint the art piece in front of the supervisor and then submit them.

3-Manipulated digital watches: This is a smart technique used by different students. Technologies have made students too smart. They can open images of the books in their smartwatches and sometimes they use other smart techniques with these smart accessories.

4-Foot Swinging: This is another most commonly used techniques used by many students to cheat in their exam without creating any noise. They usually swing their leg for true and false questions. Right to left foot swinging meant for true and from front to back foot swinging means false.

5-Miniature notes: This is the most common technique used by many students during their exams. They usually used to write numbers of answers in a miniature paper which included answers to many questions in the test.

The students used to sneak in that miniature paper to find out the answers and then these papers are distributed in the whole class among all the students.

6-Color-Coded prayer beads: This is a unique style that was used by a student in the Kingdom, who was able to take photos of his final exams which was all multiple choice questions.

The boy himself described after he reached home he prepared color-coded beads that represented the right answer according to his settlement where he selected four colors bead to represent four options and he usually had to count the question on which he was.

Supervisor thought the student was anxious he was praying for his good test while the truth behind it was totally different and actually he was using a cheating scheme he devised for himself.

7-Smuggled iPhone in the scientific calculator: One of the students selected this technique to cheat during his exam, he deconstructed a scientific Calculator and inserted his iPhone so that he could have internet access during his paper.

8-Camouflaged calculator notes:  One of the students described this way of cheating during Maths paper.

He described they usually use to write algebraic formulas with pencils on the cover of the scientific calculator and during the exams, they keep it in an angle according to the lighting so that only they could easily see it and it is only visible to them.

Source: Arab News

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