750 million people (60.4%) in India live without Toilets – An Ugly Reality

Recently, a new research statistics are recorded in the form of a report which is named as “It’s No Joke – State of the World’s Toilets”, published by WaterAid.

The report by WaterAid revealed the most important global fact which is unavoidable at any cost. The report indicated, after doing a sampling of millions of people in India, that they are devoid of the toilet facility in their homes.

They have to make a queue line for using toilets which would definitely stretch from Earth towards the moon and beyond.  Everyone wants to avail the facility of a decent toilet but unfortunately, this facility is not within easy reach for everyone globally.

It is a basic and fundamental right of a human. There are several people globally who do not have access to toilets. 2.3 billion People in the world are those who are living without a toilet. 

According to a research study which is released in the event of World Toilet Day conducted by United nation worldwide, the second most populous nation of the world possess 60.4 percent people who pass their lives without private toilets which leave a great question mark for a developed country.

Research study claimed that in India more than half of the population fails to avail the household toilet facility which is really a shocking factor. Having safe and private toilet is one of the basic needs of Indians.

Although Economy graph of India is boosting rapidly, India holds a great position worldwide, producing a large figure of Engineers and doctors, but they also need to work on the fundamental issue.

The report further stated that Nepal is considered as the most improved among the South Asian countries and improvement is followed by Pakistan and Bhutan.  Due to unsafe and lack of private toilet facility in India, almost 40 percent of children lives and their futures are affected.

However, India also holds a high maternal and newborn mortality rate which is directly linked to Sepsis. Sepsis is one of the rare and severe complicated infections.

If this infection is not treated on time, it can possibly lead to various organs failure and sometimes ends up in death.  The research report’s basic purpose is to highlight the most important impact on the health of those 60.4 percent Indians. This is a major health issue and serious matter.

More than 140,000 children, younger than five years of age die annually in India due to diarrhea. To promote awareness and educate people about the importance of clean and private toilets, WaterAid decided to celebrate World Toilet Day every year globally on 19th November.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, considered the sanitation problem as the topmost political priority and took action last year by launching a program named as Swachh Bharat which means Clean India Mission.

The purpose of this mission was to ensure a toilet for every household till 2019 and create awareness by educating people about the health and economic benefits of the proper sanitation system.

It is also important to mention here that the main reason for not having toilet availability at homes is not financial but a religious one. A large group of Hindus believes that having toilet facility at home is not allowed by their religion.

Source: Indian Express

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