7 ways you can spot a Wannabe Saudi in Saudi Arabia

Types of People in Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is also known as the land of expats where we will find people belonging to a different nationality with an aim to live and work there. The people living in Saudi Arabia are divided into two categories.

01-The first category is of its native people commonly known as its local.  They are the only people with Saudi citizenship (aka passports). Being a local citizen of any country is always special because it means you are meant to be the superior race and always have an intimidating presence. You are being practical to the laws and have high-income level than average.

02-The second category is its expats or random nationality holders and limited-stay-visa holder.

03-Third Category of people is those expats living in Saudi Arabia love to act as if they are Saudi just to seek some sort of better social status. Now here are seven ways that will help you to spot out the wannabe Saudis.

1-The white Kandoora: The white Kandoora is a standard outfit for a Saudi. A Saudi takes it easy to wear it everywhere and every time such as going bowling, jogging, or casually.

People can automatically assume the person as a Saudi if they found him wearing the white Kandoora. An expatriate believes that he doesn’t look like a Saudi without wearing this. Thus, wannabe local too take advantage of this.

2-The Beard: Beard is a specialty of the Saudis and they do in a different and unique style and each style reflects your personality and indicate the people you belong.

Thus the wannabe locals also go to the barber and tend to get a different beard to look like a Saudi.

3-Patriotism: The wannabe local or expats are the most patriotic people in Saudi Arabia. They always try to express that they belong to Saudi Arabia. They will bear their Facebook cover photo with Saudi Arabia flag or a photo of Sheikh Zayed.

You will find them celebrating every small Saudi event. You will see their extra patriotic comments about Saudi Arabia on social media. Besides this, you will see their car bumpers decorated with Saudi Arabia flag or Union of the Nation badge.

4-The talking style and accent: Most of the expats living in Saudi Arabia manage to adopt a Saudi accent and also try to manage the commanding tone like a Saudi. Saudis are always seen speaking with the feeling of superiority.

An Arab expat in Saudi Arabia speaks with the Saudi accent whereas an English expat will start pronouncing their “p” with “b” just to give a Saudi look.

5-History: You will find such people always trying to relate their story by saying that their ancestors built this country and they will arrive there at any time as their passports are on the way.

On the other hand, you will find some people saying that their parents rejected Saudi Arabia visa because the government doesn’t allow them to keep dual passport.

6-Saudi friends: A Wannabe Saudi is always seen hanging out with his Saudi Crew. They always try to find a Saudi group until they are accepted by one because if you hang out with Saudis or keep Saudis friend then people will know that you are a Saudi.

7-Strong mentality: The wannabe locals have a great mindset and they can do anything to stay in Saudi Arabia. If they are fired from their job they can easily manage to find another job. They have a strong belief that they will live in Saudi Arabia and settle there after the government is looking for the best interest.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.