7 ways to avoid busy traffic on Dubai roads

Dubai is among the biggest tourist attractions in the world. It leads to a large number of people on the road moving from one place to another. As a result, whenever you are in Dubai, you will see major traffic delays and traffic jams.

Dubai Transportation Department is continuously working to improve the traffic situation of the city. They have provided various sets of instructions and facilities to the residents to help them avoid traffic. It has helped the situation of traffic to become much better.

So, if you are in a hurry to reach your destination and want to avoid busy traffic, be sure to follow these tricks:

Hire a Native Driver

If you are a tourist in Dubai, it is best to hire a native driver. They tend to know all about traffic routines. They also know which shortcuts should be taken to avoid traffic-congested areas. There are some Car Rental Dubai companies that offer cars along with drivers so choose wisely.

Plan your Trip

Reaching your destination early mainly depends on where you are going. The roads of Dubai are mostly empty on weekends and highly suitable for long drives. So, if you are planning to move out of the city, a weekend is the best time to do that.

On the other hand, if you are planning to go to a mall or a park, do that on a weekday. Weekends attract a lot of people to malls which causes massive traffic jams near their roads. So, try to avoid the mall and parks as much as on weekends.

Avoid Office and School Hours

It is one of the busiest traffic periods of the day. Office hours consist of two parts of the day, the first is between 8 am to 9 am. During this time, people are leaving for their offices and children are leaving for their schools.

The second part is between 5 pm to 6 pm. During this period, adults and children return to their places. Traffic is quite high on roads during both these periods.

Maintain a safe distance

Maintaining a safe distance is a great way to ensure that your car does not stop. Each time your car stops and starts to move again, it adds to the traffic jam. So, it is a good habit to always keep the car moving no matter how slow the speed is.

Do not drive in a hurry

Whenever you are driving in a hurry, you tend to make mistakes. So, be as patient as you can when driving. Do not try to overtake the other cars too much. Navigate through the mess calmly, and you will reach your destination well on time.


Before leaving your place, check your GPS. There are various features in your GPS apps that inform you which areas are the business at which time of day. Avoid going to those locations. GPS will provide you with the best alternative routes too.

Take advantage of carpooling

Dubai offers a vast network of carpooling. It is a great way to move from one place to another. Not only will you get to your destination faster by avoiding traffic, but you will get there affordably too.


The best way to avoid traffic in Dubai is to plan your trip before leaving your place. A look at any traffic website will show you the best routes that you can take to avoid traffic. Follow those routes along with these tips, and you will never face a traffic jam in Dubai. Make sure to cheap car rental dubai from any professional company so that you can travel in less crowded hours.

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