7 Types of Uber Drivers you might have dealt with while taking Uber Ride

Since the time Uber has launched, it has changed the lives of people in Saudi Arabia especially if you are talking about Saudi Women. As you know women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia but with the help of Uber, they didn’t have to worry about anything.

If you have not yet started using Uber, you can get an Uber Free Ride. The transportation company Uber claims that the drivers that are registered with them, are not your typical taxi drivers and they could not have been more correct. Here is a general overview of the various qualities that are found in Uber drivers;[irp]

1-The Eager Chatter: The Uber passenger does not necessarily have to talk back or reply in order to find out the Uber driver’s complete life story. The only thing you can do is a nod in approval as they go on and on. To think about it probably even nodding won’t make a difference to the Eager Chatter.

2-The Silent Type: No music or even the radio playing rolled up windows and pin drop silence, this is when you know you have had an encounter with the Silent Type Uber driver. The one and only thing that you may encounter are to hear a simple and short greeting. That’s it, nothing more. Sometimes you will even feel that the car is on autopilot, without a driver.

3-The Beginner or First Timer: The Beginner or the First timer is the Uber driver who has either just recently joined the car service or is on their very first ride with Uber. It is highly likely that he is going to share most of his professional and also personal information with you and there will be numerous awkward moments, whether your Uber ride is short or long.

4-The Seeker of the Five Stars: The Seeker of the Five Stars is the type of Uber driver that will go above and beyond the norms in order to get a five-star rating. He will be providing the Uber passenger with everything that they need and more, and will also make sure that the Uber passenger has an unmatched pleasurable experience.

However, as soon as you reach the destination, the Uber driver will surely remind you to give them the five stars on the Uber App.

5-The Guy with the Shortcuts: The Guy with the Shortcuts is that Uber driver that probably has a better GPS in their mind than Google Maps. If Google Maps has estimated that your entire journey will take 20 minutes, the Guy with the Shortcuts will probably get you there in 10. Just trust the driver and try not to freak out when they take a shortcut against the traffic.

6-The Lost One: The Lost One will call you after he will get your request for an Uber ride through the Uber App, and will proceed to request your location again. Then they will continue to call you again, reconfirming the location and asking if you saw them pass by.

It does not end here, however, as they will call you again and ask whether you can see them nearby. However, after a while, you will finally notice them flying by you, and slamming on the brakes when you wave.

7-The MVP: The MVP is the type of Uber driver that will offer you a car charger for your mobile phone as well as an aux cord in case you want to listen to your choice of music.

Source: Destination KSA

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