7 tips to increase your Instagram visibility

Seven out of ten Americans now use social media to interact with one another, engage with news content, exchange data, and have fun. Several social media applications, especially Instagram have expanded tremendously over the years and continue to do so.  Approximately 71% of US businesses now use Instagram to promote their products and reach their target audiences. Ergo, your marketing plan needs to include social media. By allowing consumers to share your material, you build a discussion about your products and business.

The photo-sharing app has evolved from being popular among tourists exchanging vacation photos to attracting a wide range of influencers, advertisers, and companies. Rather than presenting photos in conventional chronological order, Instagram adopted Facebook’s algorithm. It prioritizes posts based on the viewer’s perceived level of interest. You can even buy Instagram followers to boost your exposure and leverage current hashtags while creating real, high-quality, and relevant content. By finding the best sites to get Instagram followers, you may boost the number of people on your account.

This article will show you how to enhance your Instagram account’s organic reach in many methods.

Easy tips to increase your Instagram visibility

Understand your Audience

As your company expands and adds items, your intended audience may alter or adapt. Before you start using social media, you need to figure out who your primary audience is. You should have a rudimentary understanding of who your users are, including their age, area, gender, and hobbies. Make sure that the networks you utilize are appropriate for the stuff you are posting.

Advertise your goods based on your target market’s preferences for greater reach.


Trendy hashtags generate excitement and a sense of belonging, causing others to like to use them themselves. Instagram hashtags are terms that allow people to find you on the social media platform. Look for hashtags that relate to your company and products that are trending in your industry.

Put the hashtag in your bio so that anybody who visits your profile may see it. You may also use hashtags to promote a campaign or event. You may also use area-specific hashtags if you are addressing a location. Draw up a list of popular hashtags and add them to each post to enhance the conversation. Try different hashtag volumes on your posts until you find what works best for you.

Buy Instagram Followers

For jump-starting your growth on Instagram, buy Instagram followers. If you’re new on Instagram, it might be difficult to establish confidence if you don’t have any followers. By purchasing followers, even if they are bots, you earn a score with other potential profiles, increasing the likelihood that genuine people will follow you as well.

Always go with a website that has a safe SSL certification and reliable payment alternatives. It constantly feeds Instagram followers, making them look natural. It contains genuine consumer feedback and recommendations. It comes with a follower guarantee, ensuring that you will not lose followers over time. The best sites to buy Instagram followers listed at mercurynews.com should have all of the features listed above.

Some of the best sites to buy Instagram followers are GetViral.io, likes.io, Social-Viral, Kicksta, Stormlikes, etc.

Instagram Stories

With 500 million daily users, Instagram stories have become the most prominent choice on the network. However, their advantages might endure far longer regarding your reach and engagement rates, increasing your chances of being included in the Explore area and gaining new followers in the process. Keep in mind that 60% of Instagram stories are seen with sound on, so be sure to involve in an excellent audio experience for your viewers.

Using tales may help your business appear more genuine and personable. It generates a feeling of urgency that encourages users to interact with you again and again. Instagram stories may be used for live stories, pre-recorded videos, one-time quickfire marketing, or sharing narratives. It’s also worth mentioning that the Stories are ranked according to an algorithm. Spend quality time crafting excellent Stories to help them rank higher.


You may purchase Instagram followers from reputable providers, but you must keep them interested for them to remain loyal to your brand over time. Make a posting schedule and plan posts regularly to do this. Look for a strategy that works for both you and your target market. Post relevant content when your audience is most active. Never spam your audience as it gives an unprofessional look.


Your account handle and account name are the two most important factors that impact SEO. The first is that your registered ‘@’ name should indicate the industry in which your company works. Your account name, which shows beneath your profile photo and should correspond to your account username and sector.

The idea is to think of words that users might type into Instagram’s search bar. To appear quicker in consumer searches, use short and common names.

Interact with Audience

It’s important about developing relationships with your consumers on social media. The major difference that distinguishes social media from other forms of marketing is that it enables two-way contact with your customers. Although you likely want to get as many followers as possible but building genuine connections with clients is critical.

To engage your consumers, ask a broad interesting question in a post and urge people to respond by leaving a comment. This will make you appear more human, and if you ask the right question, you could even learn something new about your clients’ perceptions of your business.

Whether the review is good or negative, make sure you respond to as many as you can. This demonstrates that you are paying attention to your customers and that you respect their feedback. You may also encourage your users to share the competitions and giveaways. 

Approximately 72% of Americans now use social media according to Pew Research Centre. It’s a dynamic entity that’s always expanding and changing while building deeper connections with its followers. As a result, it is critical to promote your goods on social media channels. Knowing how the Instagram algorithm works might help you figure out how to boost your online visibility. You should provide amazing experiences for your audience, which will benefit you in the long run.

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