7 Tips for an Expat Wife to make most out of living in Saudi Arabia

This article is basically for an expat wife who joined her husband in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Every wife has strong desire to follow her husband as soon as possible and the first few months for every expat wife goes amazing and feels like you are in paradise where everything looks perfect and wonderful.

But unfortunately, this enchanting excitement will get over soon when your honeymoon period is finished and you are introduced to reality when you understand the mode of living there. When you feel that you are empty, this is the point which leads you to great stress, depression, and anxiety.  [irp]

Every woman holds a big heart which is filled with generosity, kindness, sympathy, sacrifice, and passion for others. Maybe you previously were a proficient professional in your concerned field, having a well-established job in your native country but being a wife of a Saudi, you had to leave everything behind and just join your spouse in Saudi Arabia.

There are certain things which an expat wife experiences in Saudi Arabia. So, in order to avoid stress, we all need to know and prepare ourselves for staying there as an expat wife. Here we are explaining few tips which might help you ease into your dream journey and make your married life being an expat wife more satisfying.

1-If your profession is in medicine, law, administrative, management, engineering or architecture field etc., it is pretty difficult for you to prove your talent here as an expat woman in these fields. Still, there is no need to be hopeless.

Good things are always there. You just need to sort out the way. Remember that every person holds a unique skill but you just need to unleash it.

2-If you are a doctor and still could not get a job as a physician, you can join any clinical research work. Area of clinical research is still growing in the Kingdom. Keep it in mind that with the right skills and mindset, everyone can easily sort things out.

3-If you are passionate about writing and hold good writing skills, there are a variety of free online courses and forums available where you can polish your writing skills and then join any medical publishing sector.

4-If you hold a Master’s degree or any higher degree, you can also apply to teach at any medical college. But it is a surprising fact that being a specialist or consultant, you would not get a job. Several clinics and hospitals can easily accommodate people like you.

5-If you have a degree in business administration or architecture but you love teaching, you must try local schools, preferably an international school. You could be possibly hired to teach business studies or science subjects.

6-If you are a graphic designer, you must try by offering your services online.

7-Join forums related to work in KSA and build your online presence effectively by making a strong profile on social forums and professional networking sites.

So all beautiful ladies, don’t just lose hope and explore your other skills. Remember the famous quote, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. Good Luck!!!

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